Yasiin Bey Asks Fans To Trust Black Star In How They Choose To Operate

This week the world of hip-hop is loving the new episode of People’s Party with Talib Kweli with special guest, Yasin Bey. The world has been in love with the iconic artist, actor, and activist since Black Star blew up the scene in 1998. The legacy of the duo’s innovative beats, rhymes, and business deals have made them a favorite of hip-hop fans all over the earth.

Since the group announced their relationship with Luminary for the release of the block rockin’ No Fear of Time , as well their Midnight Miracle podcast with Dave Chappelle, the art and business worlds have taken note. These decisions have been made by them, as artists to ensure that Black Star gets the best earning potential for their work. Unfortunately, not all fans understand this. So for the People’s Party season two finale, Talib Kweli asked Yasiin how he feels about the minority of naysayers and trolls who complain online from time to time.

While discussing the importance of these deals Yassin Bey said emphatically, “People say one thing, but their response and their attitude really reveal what they value. Then you know who is really riding with you. Everybody has to take the action that is best suited for them.”

Pointing to Kweli he adds, “That’s what I really respect about what we’ve done — not only creatively but in terms of how the work is getting delivered. You’re gonna get it in a way that we don’t get destroyed and completely compromised. We want it to get out there to as many people as possible, but not at any cost!

For more real wisdom from one of the best hip-hop minds of his generation peep Yasiin Bey on People’s Party with Talib Kweli and co-cost Jasmin Leigh on Luminary and Youtube.