‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Meets Holt’s Mom In Another Double Feature

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05.16.17 5 Comments


A review of tonight’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine double feature coming up just as soon as I learn to do trigonometric functions in my head, like a big boy…

Though “The Slaughterhouse” sets up what appears to be another season-ending arc about crooked law-enforcement, it still works as a nice pairing with “Your Honor,” since the former is mainly a personal story about Captain Holt’s relationship with his mother (played by L. Scott Caldwell, a.k.a. Rose from Lost), with a splash of policework, where the latter was mainly a police case complicated by Jake and Rosa’s friendship. When the show has to double up like this, it’s best to have episodes that aren’t too similar, even if both had Hitchcock/Scully-centric subplots, which used to be rare and is now becoming a welcome thing as the show ages.

Of the two, “Your Honor” is a bit funnier overall, if only because Jake and Holt is the show’s best possible A-story pairing, and probably the best overall pairing(*), and any circumstance where Jake gets to act superior to his commanding officer — especially when he has legit reason to feel that way — tends to be comically fruitful. Jake always takes enormous pleasure in learning personal details about the captain, and getting to not only meet the honorable woman who raised him, but realize that Judge Holt likes him — much to Raymond’s dismay — was a delight, as was Andre Braugher getting to play a very petulant and childish Holt who was still recognizable as the robot we all know and love.

(*) Brian and I talked about this on the podcast a few weeks ago, where we tried to draft the best possible character pairings, using each character only once. I think I eventually put Holt with Gina, just because Jake is good with a lot of people (including my choice, Boyle), but pound-for-pound, Samberg + Braugher = the most laughs, which is good, since Samberg is always in the A-story. But I’m curious what everybody else’s favorite two-character group is, whether involving Jake or not.

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