Interview: ‘Louie’ creator/star Louis CK on season 1, drunken Sarah Palin tweets and more

Louis CK not only writes, directs, edits and produces his FX comedy “Louie” (which was one of my favorite shows of 2010), he also apparently handles all online responses to coverage of that show.

Late in the first season, CK popped up in the comments on an AV Club review of the episode “God” to explain why he cast Amy Landecker as young Louie’s mom, after already using her a few episodes earlier to play adult Louie’s blind date. His explanation, in short, is that he doesn’t view “Louie” as a series in a traditional sense, and that he therefore doesn’t have to worry about continuity, character consistency or even using the same actress in two very different prominent roles. In my review of the finale, I objected to that on a level (while enjoying the finale overall), and CK showed up in the comments to defend his approach.

So when I sat down with CK a couple of weeks ago on the last day of the TV critics’ press tour, our first topic of conversation was that. We also talked about his ongoing hands-off relationship with FX (he makes the show for only a few hundred grand per episode, and in exchange he gets complete creative freedom), about his plans for the second season (which will air this summer, paired with the new “Willard”), about his prophetic comments from a year ago about the Jay Leno/Conan mess, and about why he won’t be drunkenly tweeting from airplanes anymore about Sarah Palin(*).

(*) And while I recognize that I opened the door by asking about Palin, let me remind you once again that this isn’t a blog about politics and we are not going to debate the actual merits of her as a politician or a human or whatever. Any comment that turns into a screed – or any comment that just winds up attacking other commenters – is getting deleted, okay?


Have we met before in person?

I don”t think we ever met in person, but we met on my blog one day, which was somewhat unusual for me.

‘cos I wrote on your blog.

Yeah, on my review of the finale.

Wait a minute. What did I…?

You made the comment on the AV Club blog about the Amy Landecker thing about how “The show”s not a series, therefore I can do what I want,” and I wrote this post basically saying, “Yes, but you continue as a character and Pamela (Adlon) continues as a character, etc., and enough episodes trade off of what”s come before that I feel like perhaps there should be some sort of rules.” And obviously you disagree with that. And it”s your show and it”s absolutely your right to do so.