Review: The ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ squad reunites as ‘Coral Palms’ trilogy ends

A quick review of tonight’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine coming up just as soon as I smell like a hot New Jersey breeze…

If “Coral Palms, Part 3” had just featured Andre Braugher screaming “BOOST MY BOTTOM!” at the top of his lungs, over and over… dayenu.

The rest of that episode didn’t quite live up to that spectacle – because what could? – but it was a pleasure to have the full squad together again for the conclusion of the witness protection arc. The big reunion was obviously Jake and Amy, and the episode had fun with them being out of sync without ever doing something lame like suggesting they might break up due to the long separation. But where a Peralta/Santiago romance is struggling to bloom, can the creepy Boyle hype machine be far behind? In whatever combo the show used – including the return of Holt and Gina as improbable confidantes – the group felt more natural together than they did last week while spoiling themselves under the Captain Stenley administration.

Though the end of the episode raised a question: wouldn’t Holt simply get his command back upon their return to New York? Maybe he’s out briefly as he recuperates from having some rebar jammed through his leg – and Holt having to calm Jake down as he performed the self-surgery was the second-funniest thing in the episode after “BOOST MY BOTTOM!” – but Stenley’s plan to put the entire squad on the night shift(*) doesn’t seem to have much weight to it, since we know Holt is surely returning to the precinct soon.

(*) Not to be confused with the NBC drama of the same name – which once upon a time boasted the greatest key art in television history.

Still, glad to have the full cast together again, and to see the show navigate its way through what could have been a too-dark storyline, as even Sheriff Reynolds turns out okay after getting shot by Figgis, since he’ll get a disability pension out of it.

What did everybody else think?