Alex Jones Celebrated July 4th By Praying We Don’t All Become ‘Cyborg Slaves Of Satan,’ As One Does

Alex Jones is off his f**king rocker. This is, of course, nothing new for Jones. But in the Fourth of July speech he gave on Infowars, Jones made it clear that he believes there are evil aliens among us—or that someone spiked his holiday punch with some sort of hallucinogen.

As Raw Story reports, Jones seemed to be channeling Bill Pullman’s fictional President Thomas Whitmore from Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day movie when he warned Infowars viewers about the dangers we’re currently facing:

I declare this July 4, 2022 to be a Declaration of Independence against the alien force on this planet today waging war against humans and our biology and our very future. [It] is attempting to exterminate the majority of us and force the minority that’s left to merge with AI computers and become cyborg sex slaves of Satan.

While not quite as rousing as Pullman’s “We will not go quietly into the night!” address—which, oddly, was recently played for Marjorie Taylor Greene during the hearing to determine whether she could lawfully seek reelection, and Donald Trump once stole, much to Pullman’s annoyance—Jones does deserve some credit for finding a way to shove aliens, technology, and Satan into one conspiracy theory. Way to go, Alex.

As Sarah K. Burris wrote for Raw Story, “It’s unclear where Jones got this information as it hasn’t appeared on the QAnon message boards yet nor has anyone posted photos online of UFOs or alien invasions.” There’s also the possibility, of course, that he thought Independence Day was a news report. According to Burris:

An actual documentary done by CNN on Alex Jones cited some of those he grew up with. One of his childhood friends recalled Jones being obsessed with Satan, and at times, he claimed, seemed like he was possessed.

“He would talk in tongues a lot and get into these trances,” said Bo Durham, who grew up with Jones outside of Dallas, Texas. Jones was later forced to move from the city after he nearly killed another student, the documentary said.

Randy Talley, a teacher and football coach at the school, was also interviewed for the same documentary. While he claimed he does not believe in “witchcraft,” he did note that Jones “could turn his tongue black and mouth black and he would stick his tongue out and shake his head as though he were possessed.”

(Via Raw Story)