After Six Months In Exile, Chris Cuomo Is Coming Back To Primetime With His Own NewsNation Show

When former New York governor Andrew Cuomo fell, he took family down with him. For months, it seemed then-CNN host Chris Cuomo did his best to stay clear of the scandal engulfing his older brother. When it was revealed that Chris had played a bigger hand in advising him than he’d let on, it wasn’t long until CNN showed him the door. Now, some six-plus months later, Chris is coming back, albeit to a lesser platform.

As per Deadline, Chris has landed his own show on the subscription-based network NewsNation. The news came at the end of a wide-ranging interview he did on one of the network’s shows, Dan Abrams Live, in which he denied that he’d tried to influence coverage of his brother on his former network.

As Deadline notes, NewsNation earns a fraction of CNN’s typical audience. Where NewsNation has averaged 50,000 primetime viewers this year, CNN tends to get 762,000, while Fox News earns a whopping 2.4 million.

Chris Cuomo’s downfall wasn’t as precipitous as that of his brother, who went from a (sometimes self-professed) voice of reason and guidance in the early months of the pandemic to a scandal-ridden pariah. But among the casualties of Chris’ fall was his longtime bromance with colleague Don Lemon, with whom he had a “Morning, Sam”/”Morning, Ralph” routine as one host passed the torch to another on any given weeknight. But surely it was inevitable that Chris would find a new home, even if the digs aren’t nearly as fancy.

(Via Deadline)