Dr. Oz Tried To Insult John Fetterman But Accidentally Gave Him A Kickass Campaign Slogan Instead

Dr. Oz must have been jealous. It’s been too long since one of his attempted insults of John Fetterman spectacularly backfired on him. Which is to say, like, two weeks. Instead, it’s been all Newt Gingrich and Tucker Carlson, both of whom criticized the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania for his Nine Inch Nails-quoting and victims of gun violence-honoring tattoos. But don’t worry, here comes Dr. Oz with a new way to humiliate himself by accidentally giving his opponent a kickass campaign slogan.

The Trump-backed celebrity doctor appeared on the Ruthless podcast, where he discussed Fetterman’s ubiquitous hoodie. “I was stunned by it,” Oz said of Fetterman’s attire. “But it turns out that if you’re a radical leftist with the belief that this country is irremediably stained, you just want to break it apart. Just bust America, crack it to its base, break it asunder, and rebuild it with your toxic ideology. That’s what he stands for. When he dresses like that, it’s not an accident. He’s kicking authority in the balls.”

If Fetterman isn’t selling “Kicking Authority In the Balls” shirts by the end of the week, his campaign manager should be fired.



A recent poll finds that 51 percent of registered voters in Pennsylvania support Fetterman, compared to only 41 percent for Oz. That’s a big gap, but considering the bumbling campaign that the not-so-good doctor has been running, it should be wider.

(Via HuffPo)