Even Alex Jones (Alex Jones!) Thinks X Is ‘A Complete And Total Fraud’ Since It Was Bought By Elon Musk

In most feuds, there’s a winner and a loser. But not when it’s Alex Jones feuding with Elon Musk. It’s Loser City over here.

Raw Story reports that during his InfoWars show on Monday, Jones whined about being “massively censored” on the Musk-owned X, the website that used to be at least 20 percent more fun. “We’re not sure if Elon Musk is behind this or if it’s ghost of the machine, employees and people that, after he goes by and see something happening and freeze it up,” he said. “They come back and incrementally put the shadow-banning systems in place.”

Jones continued:

“[InfoWars] put out one article that just a hundred percent proves in this one area, InfoWars is being massively censored on X, formerly Twitter. This is being blocked because now, when Elon Musk took back over or took it over, what was it a year plus ago? He said he would bring freedom, you know, back.”

Jones and Musk have a love-hate relationship, but it’s more hate than love at the moment. “I’m calling this… algorithmic shadow-banning or algorithmic throttled shadow-banning where it’s done a lot of different ways, but it’s definitely going on,” the conspiracy theorist (a description that applies to both men, but in this case, it’s Jones) opined. “And so I think we’re at the stage here of finding how bad the manipulation is on X.”

When even Alex “Chemicals In the Water Are Making Frogs Gay” Jones thinks your platform is full of garbage, something has gone terribly wrong.

(Via Raw Story)