ESPN Ran A Segment Featuring An Animated John Krasinski That Doesn’t Look Or Sound Anything Like John Krasinski, And People Are Losing It

John Krasinski is a man of many talents. Since becoming a star, the erstwhile Jim Halpert has diversified. He can get ripped for Michael Bay movies. He can direct movies, not just horror movies but also family dramedies, even an adaptation of a David Foster Wallace short story collection. He’s also into sports, but his latest foray into stretching his talents has not gone so well — though it’s not 100% his fault.

On Monday, ESPN dropped a cute little video about New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick ahead of their game Monday night against the Chicago Bears. It features Krasinski — or at least an animated, fake-claymation version of him. One problem, though: It doesn’t look — or sound — anything like him.

“I’m from Boston and I’m wicked biased,” Krasinski says in a thick Boston accent. He might have once had one: He was born in Boston and was raised in suburb of Newton. But the combination of an accent few have ever heard him do before and an animated avatar that looks like…just some dude? That was too much for people.

After ESPN dropped the ad — in which the animated not-quite-Krasinski chills in his man cave while comparing Belichick’s stats with other legendary coaches Don Shula and George Halas, both of whose records he could very well shatter someday soon — people couldn’t get past the un-likeness.

There were also lots of jokes, many about The Office.