A Fox Business Dude Claimed He Paid $28 For Lunch At Taco Bell, And You Better Believe People Had Jokes

There are a lot of problems with America, and Republican lawmakers and commentators have done their best to make a few seem extra scarier to their base. (Some have even done inhumane stunts that have landed them in potential legal hot water.) One issue is inflation. Do they have any real solutions on how to combat high prices? Not really. But they can scare people by making it seem even worse. On Fox Business Wednesday, one commentator went a bit too far, making a claim about the bill at a fast food joint that even colleagues found a bit suspect.

That person is Scott Martin, a honcho at a wealth management company and a Fox News contributor. He’s no household name, but on Wednesday he went viral for claiming he’d blown a ton on Taco Bell.

“You wanna know how bad inflation is?” Martin asked. “Yesterday, I had a nice lunch at Taco Bell — cost me about 28 dollars at Taco Bell for lunch.” If that seems like a lot, then you aren’t alone. Even anchor Neil Cavuto was incredulous, partially because Martin doesn’t look like he can house that much faux-Mexican food. “For me, that’s the opening appetizer,” he cracked.

So what happened? Did Martin really load up on chalupas and gorditas, maybe even some Cinnabon delights? Was it those darned UberEats fees? Well, no, what he really did was order poorly and pay more than he had to by not ordering some of them as combo deal packages. He could have only spent about $23 on Taco Bell!

Whatever the case, a lot of people found Martin’s claim of gorging on nearly 30 bucks of Taco Bell to be impossible, or at least worrying.


Some broke down what 28 bucks at Taco Bell gets you.

There were also, of course, lots of poop jokes.

Some didn’t see a problem with ordering $28 in Taco Bell.

Meanwhile, over at Defector, reporter Patrick Redford bravely accepted the job of biking to one of the joints, ordering his own $28 (or thereabouts) meal, then eating it all. So how did that go?

Somehow I wrote the above (I think) incisive paragraph, as well as the moronic ones surrounding it, after crushing my tray full of garbage. I ate it all. I did not buy or bring a drink. I rode my bike home as the gunk sloshed in my stomach and my body’s alarm system began to ring. The effects of the sodium felt akin to a mild hallucinogen. My lips puckered, my mind felt untethered from my body, floating above me as I rode (unfortunately uphill) back home as if it was trying to distance itself from the damage it had caused. My colleagues expressed their sympathy for me, but mostly for my partner, who works very hard at a normal job and was making work calls while I was destroying my body for a stupid blog post.

He’s not the only one who can eat a lot of Taco Bell. Uproxx writers have done it, too, albeit not all in one sitting.