Geraldo Rivera Said Biden Should Pardon Trump ‘For The Good Of The Nation,’ And People Told Him To Shut His Trap

Save losing reelection in 2020, Donald Trump has evaded responsibility his entire life. But there are more chances than ever for him to finally lose everything. The Justice Department is after him. So is Letitia James. Much of the Republican Party isn’t into his third presidential campaign. Only Twitter ruiner Elon Musk and outgoing MAGA lawmaker Madison Cawthorn are on his side. But before he’s even been indicted, one of his pals is calling for him to get the Tricky Dick treatment.

“For the good of the nation, Ford pardoned Nixon,” wrote occasional quisling conservative Geraldo Rivera on Twitter. “For the good of the nation, Biden should pardon Trump.”

For one thing, Gerald Ford pardoning Nixon has been criticized by many for unjustly sparing someone who broke the law, giving future U.S. presidents — not the least Trump — the impression that they’re above the law.

Rivera’s advice was not well-met by practically anyone. Those on the right, such as Elon favorite “Catturd,” dwelled on a technicality: that Trump hasn’t been convicted of any crimes (yet). Others simply told Biden not to pay attention.

Others pointed out the dangerous precent that pardoning Nixon set.

Others reminded Rivera of Trump’s many wrongdoings.

Others just told him to STFU.

It’s worth noting that Rivera made an unfair comparison. Richard Nixon at least oversaw the founding of the EPA, ended the Vietnam War, and opened up talks with China. He also owned up to his corruption — after being caught, that is. That’s something Trump would never do.

(Via Mediaite)