Geraldo Claims He Saw UFOs While ‘Stoned On Ecstasy’

UFOs are a hot topic right now, as reports of UFO sightings have been on the rise and the government is now getting involved to get to the bottom of exactly what is happening. So of course the brain trust at The Five on Fox News wanted to get in on discussing these events, as Mediaite reports.

After Jesse Watters and Emily Compagno joked about the entire thing, Watters asked Geraldo Rivera if he thought it was the government’s place to investigate these sightings. Rather than really answer the question, Geraldo instead shared a story about his own UFO encounter.

“I’ve sailed around the world, I’ve seen a lot of clear skies,” Rivera explained, just as his comment took a sharp turn. “I’ve seen satellites, which are kind of spooky, weather balloons stray aircraft. The only time I ever saw a UFO, I was stoned on ecstasy.”

So just what did the guy who was on live TV when he found nothing in Al Capone’s vault do about it? “I steered around it, and I went back the other way,” he explained. “It just tracked me everywhere I went.”

In 2019, Rivera appeared on an episode of the Travel Channel series Famously Afraid, in which he shared a story about the time he and his wife saw a UFO from their boat. Was it the same night? Was he tripping balls in that story, too? The truth is out there.

(Via Mediaite)