Indiana’s Attorney General Told Fox News That He’s Gathering ‘Evidence’ On The Doctor Who Performed An Abortion On A 10 Year-Old Rape Victim

Earlier this week, the story of a 10-year old rape victim who was forced to travel to travel from her home in Ohio to the state of Indiana in order to undergo an abortion made headlines—for all the wrong reasons. Rather than criticize what is inarguably a horrifying ordeal for any woman, let alone a child, right-wing media personalities like Fox News’ Jesse Watters instead pounced on the story and claimed it was a hoax. Even The Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed casting doubt on the veracity of the story, which was disgustingly titled “An Abortion Story Too Good to Confirm.”

So a lot of people were left scrambling for a way to save face when, on Wednesday, The Columbus Dispatch reported that a 27-year-old man had been arrested for the crime and admitted to raping the child on at least two occasions.

As we live in The Age of Donald Trump, a.k.a. a time when screaming “hoax” and pointing fingers any which way but inward is much easier than admitting to a mistake, those who were initially suspicious of the story are changing the narrative. The Wall Street Journal added an editor’s note to their op-ed about the “fanciful” tale, yet left the story itself up. Jesse Watters went a different route.

On Wednesday night, Watters actually tried to take credit for the arrest by claiming that he and his network were the ones “putting pressure” on authorities to find the person who brutalized this young girl (presumably besides themselves).

Watters was joined by Indiana attorney general Todd Rokita, who went straight to eleven when he claimed the whole matter was really an “illegal immigration issue.” Yes, the man in charge of maintaining law and order in the state of Indiana is turning the tragedy of a little girl having to travel hundreds of miles to undergo a medical procedure that has been available to all child-bearing Americans for the past 50 years because of a Supreme Court whim into an immigration battle as the man who confessed to the crime is a Guatemalan immigrant. But Rokita was just getting started:

First of all, this is an illegal immigration issue because, likely, of Biden’s lawlessness at the border and everything going on down there. That’s why Indiana, as a non-border state, has actually filed several independent lawsuits on that. Then we have the rape, and then we have this abortion activist acting as a doctor… We’re gathering the evidence as we speak, and we’re going to fight this to the end. Including looking at her licensure. If she failed to report [the young girl’s rape], in Indiana it’s a crime to not report—to intentionally not report.

A photo of the doctor (who Rokita made sound like some rogue quack who wasn’t actually a doctor) remained on the screen throughout the bulk of this conversation, by the way, unnecessarily endangering her life.

While Rokita clearly wanted to downplay the rape at the center of this entire ordeal—like how he just sort of sandwiched it in between illegal immigration and doctors performing abortions?—he did take a moment to parrot some of Donald Trump’s favorite catchphrases when discussing the role the media played in this story. But he wasn’t talking about the way people like Watters dismissed the story outright; he seemed more angry that people wanted to report on it at all:

This is a horrible, horrible scene caused by Marxists and socialists and those in the White House who allow lawlessness at the border. And then this girl was politicized—politicitized!—for the gain of killing more babies. OK, that was the goal. And this abortion activist was is out there front and center. The lamestream media, the Fake News, is right behind it. And unfortunately in Indiana, the paper of record is Fake News. And they were right there jumping in on all of this, thinking that it was going to be great for their abortionist movement when this girl has been so brutalized.