A Potential Challenger To Kyrsten Sinema Suggests She Should Hold A Town Hall To Explain Why She Thinks The Filibuster Is More Important Than Abortion Rights

Democratic leaders have been torched for not doing much to push back against the overturning of Roe v. Wade, but a lot of their problems would be solved if two senators would play ball. That pair is Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, both of whom have long stood in the way of progress, refusing to do, among other things, end the filibuster so they can pass key legislation. They’re unlikely to flip-flop, but a challenger to Sinema wants her to do one thing: explain to her constituents why won’t save abortion rights.

As per Raw Story, Democratic representative Ruben Gallego, who is reportedly considering running against in 2024, took to Twitter, suggesting she has town hall in her state. That way, she can “explain your choice to protect an old Senate Rule instead of a woman’s right to an abortion.” He pointed out it’s been a while since she held one, and if it helps, he’ll co-host.

Sinema has not only stood against such hot topics as ending the filibuster, raising the minimum wage, or protecting abortion rights. She also refuses to explain her decisions. This has angered fellow Arizona Democrats, and her polling has long been in the pits. But here’s the chance for her to have a nice chat with her voters, who may also be curious why she’s more worried about people dragging the “thoughts and prayers” crowd than saving 10-year-olds from being forced to give birth.

(Via Raw Story)