Krysten Sinema’s State Of The Union Dress Inspired Plenty Of Confusion And Big Bird Jokes

Kyrsten Sinema showed up to Tuesday’s State of the Union address wearing a bright yellow dress with huge puffy shoulder pads, and the jokes immediately started flying on Twitter as people compared her to everything from Big Bird to one of the Teletubbies. The whole outfit was a choice to say the least.

“Wow you never think it’ll happen, but it looks like she DID wear that bridesmaid dress again,” The Daily Show tweeted as the Sinema burns started piling in.

Samantha Bee even got in on the act by comparing the Arizona senator to a dilophosaurus:

You can see more reactions to Kyrsten Sinema’s dress below:

On top of getting dragged for her possibly attention-seeking outfit, Sinema was also called out for the far more concerning act of sitting with Republicans during the State of the Union address and not applauding for Biden announcing a cap on insulin cost. Congressman Ruben Gallego, who’s mounting a challenge for Sinema’s senate seat, released a statement blasting her behavior. Via AZ Central:

“Arizonans elected Senator Sinema to lower prescription drug costs and ensure access to healthcare for all. She abandoned us the second she got to the Senate to do Big Pharma’s bidding and now she’s rubbing it in our faces,” Gallego said Tuesday night in a statement. “Not clapping for our seniors getting the Social Security payments they need? Or the affordable healthcare that could save their lives? Sinema’s silence speaks louder than words.”

Sinema did, however, cheer Biden for the CHIPS and Science Act, but only because she led on the bill:

(Via AZ Central)