Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Spokesperson Cursed Out A CNN Fact Checker For Debunking Her False Biden Claims

A spokesman for Marjorie Taylor Greene really did not appreciate the congresswoman getting fact checked for her false remarks about President Joe Biden. After watching a women testify in Congress about both of her sons dying of a fentanyl overdose, Greene lashed out at Biden and blamed his drug policies for their deaths.

“Listen to this mother, who lost two children to fentanyl poisoning, tell the truth about both of her son’s murders because of the Biden administrations refusal to secure our border and stop the Cartel’s from murdering Americans everyday by Chinese fentanyl,” Greene tweeted along with a video of the woman’s testimony.

There was just one small problem with Greene’s rant: Both men died in July 2020 when Donald Trump was president. Whoops! When CNN fact checker Daniel Dale attempted to get a comment from Greene’s office on her now-debunked tweet, he was cursed out by a spokesman.

“I asked Greene’s office last night about her tweet blaming the Biden administration for these deaths in 2020 under Trump,” Dale tweeted. “Spokesman Nick Dyer responded by saying lots of people have died from drugs under Biden and ‘do you think they give a f*ck about your bullsh*t fact checking?'”

Dale also attempted to get a comment on Greene’s recent accusations of election fraud and received another profane answer.

“I also gave Greene congressional spokesman Nick Dyer an opportunity to comment regarding Greene’s multiple false claims yesterday about the 2020 election, such as the lies that Trump won Georgia and that there were thousands of dead voters there,” Dale wrote. “His response: “F*ck off.'”

(Via Daniel Dale on Twitter)