Mark Zuckerberg’s Latest Metaverse Image Isn’t Getting Great Reviews On Social Media

Will Mark Zuckerberg ever complete his metaverse? Will anyone want to use it? The answers to those questions remain to be seen. But so far his vision of a future where everyone hangs in a virtual realm, sometimes as animal avatars, doesn’t seem to be gripping the public. Jokes have flown ever since he changed his company’s name from Facebook to Meta. The backlash has been such that people even agreed with something Bill Maher said. Now the latest image from this magical realm isn’t exactly inspiring confidence.

On Tuesday, Zuckerberg dropped a Facebook post announcing that Horizon Worlds — the free virtual reality game that launched in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. last year — was expanding to France and Spain. To celebrate, he shared a friendly image of his avatar inside the game, standing in front of cartoon version of the Eiffel Tower and a Spanish Basilica.

Zuckerberg avatar was…something. Childlike and soulless, it in no way betrayed the billions that have gone into its creator’s massive pet project that no one seems to be excited to see. Once it made it to the other big social media service, Twitter, the reviews were not good, with more than one person comparing to the Miis in Wii, Nintendo’s game system from 2006, when Facebook was only two years old.

Others argued that it was actually an accurate likeness, if not in a flattering way.

And it came so soon after people noticed a baby Jesus sculpture at LACMA looks like Zuckerberg.