Paula Patton’s ‘Abomination’ Of A Fried Chicken Recipe Is Being Roasted All Over The Horrified Internet

Paula Patton did something that might actually unite the internet, in a strange enough way, because everyone is confused as heck about what’s going on with her fried chicken recipe that she’s crediting to her mom. And this recipe is reminding people of a certain scene from the most recent Atlanta season premiere (in which a pair of foster moms completely butcher said recipe).

First, the necessaries: Here’s Patton’s video (she Instagrammed this thing on March 4, well before April Fool’s Day and the relevant Atlanta episode):

A month later, and this reaction video has gone viral because, well, it’s so funny. It’s particularly bizarre to note how Paula is either seasoning or non-seasoning (really seems like the latter), and how she actually takes a bite at the end.

The same goes for the “fowl stuff” quote from the WuTangKids Twitter account.

In short, everyone is confused as heck here. Why is Paula seasoning chicken after putting it into the grease?

Don’t even get people started on how she’s rinsing off the chicken with water and calling it clean before leaving it all pink inside and calling it cooked. Yikes. And this is offending everyone who loves fried chicken while probably even confusing vegans.

The Se7en and Will Smith jokes hit particularly hard.

And everyone piled on, roasting and frying this horrible chicken, which some have dubbed a culinary “abomination.”

The Atlanta jokes rolled in as well, for solid reason.

Maybe Paula should stick to casseroles?