Vladimir Putin Is Finally Admitting That Russia Is Performing Abysmally In Ukraine

Ever since Vladimir Putin launched his Ukraine invasion in February 2022, he has been unable to escape reports that he’s hiding in bunkers while fearing for his life, not to mention his position of autocratic power. Recently, however, word emerged that the Kremlin began plans to build the ultimate bunker, and as if on cue, we are finding out why that is likely the case. I mean, other than those drone attacks that are now plaguing Moscow.

Many months ago, we heard that the Russian army was resorting to using crappy ammo that’s so outdated and degraded, it could very well blow up in soldiers’ faces at any given moment. Now, the Daily Beast reveals that Putin is finally admitting that Russia is suffering enormous losses in this war and isn’t equipped with enough weaponry at all:

“In recent days, we have seen significant losses in Ukraine, they exceed the classical figure,” he said, according to the Kremlin.

The Russian president also confessed that Russian forces were dealing with artillery problems, adding in his remarks that “Yes, we still do not have enough of these modern weapons, but the defense industry, the country’s military-industrial complex is developing rapidly.”

The outlet follows up with word of recent Russian failed offenses near Bilogorivka, Bohdanivka, Severne, and Nevels’ke. As well, Ukraine and U.S. figures point towards losses of over 200,000 Russian troops since the invasion began. The White House National Security Council also claims that 100,000 Russian casualties have gone down in the past six months, which does not bode well for Putin riding this out without running out of current troops and prospects to recruit. He’d better build that bunker faster because he might concretely need it soon.

(Via The Daily Beast)