Rick Scott Got Busted Criticizing Biden For Taking A Vacation While He Himself Was Vacationing On A Yacht In Italy

How do you say “Busted!” in Italian? Rick Scott may want to ask someone. On Monday, the Florida senator took to Twitter to criticize President Joe Biden for being on vacation in — wait for it — Delaware instead of working at the White House. But it turns out that Scott was posting his snark from a luxury yacht in Italy!

As Axios reports, chastising the president for vacation less than an hour’s drive from the White House while cruising the Mediterranean Sea is not a great look for Scott, who is also the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, meaning it’s his job to help the GOP win back the Senate. And he’s not doing a great job of it.

Scott has come under fire from fellow Republicans “who have criticized his job of recruiting strong candidates and managing the committee’s spending this cycle,” Axios writes. “Republican candidates are underperforming across the Senate landscape. Trump-endorsed nominees are trailing in must-win states like Pennsylvania and Arizona. A top Republican super PAC was forced to spend $28 million backing author J.D. Vance‘s campaign in GOP-friendly Ohio.”

When Axios caught wind of where Scott was, thanks to several sources familiar with his itinerary, they reached out to the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s spokesman Chris Hartline three times for comment with no response, which is sort of a response in and of itself. When the outlet reached out again to let them know that they’d be publishing the senator’s whereabouts, Hartline offered the following:

Sen. Scott took a couple days to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife and family — a trip that was planned more than a year ago.


(Via Axios)