The Governor Of Colorado Offered To Take Disney World Off Ron DeSantis’ Hands In A ‘Friendly’ Sports Wager

As Ron DeSantis continues to get dinged from both Democrats and Republicans for his ongoing war with Disney, Colorado Governor Jared Polis has proposed a wager that could maybe help DeSantis out.

In a cheeky tweet posted to Polis’ official Twitter account, the Democratic governor spiced up the upcoming NBA Finals rivalry between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets by adding the fate of Walt Disney World to the mix. Polis also took a not-so-subtle jab at DeSantis for attacking one of the largest job creators and sources of tax revenue in the state of Florida.

“Calling @GovRonDeSantis and @Disney on a friendly wager,” Polis tweeted. “If the @nuggets win the finals against the @MiamiHEAT, Disney World will move to Colorado, the ACTUAL happiest place on earth to do business, have fun, and be free! #ColoradoForAll”

Despite catching heat from both sides, DeSantis has actually been touting his fight with Disney as a testament to his true conservative bona fides. While recently stumping in Iowa, DeSantis attacked Trump for “shifting to the left” on social issues while the Florida governor has held strong on his “Don’t Say Gay” initiative, which prompted the battle with Disney.

Via The New York Times:

He spoke about signing a six-week abortion ban, pressing for the death penalty for those convicted of sexually abusing children, and “even sending illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard.”

Mr. DeSantis injected more bits of his biography into his emerging stump speech than he did during his pre-candidacy. He invoked his mother’s work as a nurse, his father’s installation of Nielsen ratings boxes and his own minimum-wage jobs.

“I was given nothing,” Mr. DeSantis said.

However, DeSantis’ unrelenting stance on culture war issues has yet to move him ahead of Trump in the polls. The former president might be facing a myriad of legal issues, but that has yet to soften his support among the Republican base.

(Via Governor Jared Polis on Twitter)