Some Hero Created A Fake Verified Rudy Giuliani Twitter Account And Weighed In On The ‘Big Stinky Doo Doo’ He Reportedly Made On Air Force One

Some heroes wear capes. Others just have a decent Wi-Fi connection and $8 to spend to make their least favorite politicians and celebrities look all a fool. And there’s definitely been a lot of that happening on Twitter lately.

Case in point: the online hooligan (at least we presume) who brilliantly decided to set up a fake verified Twitter account for Rudy Giuliani, then tweet out all sorts of embarrassing things, Here’s just a taste of them:

While “I’d like to announce I shidded” was admittedly a good start, and “Helen Keller is a dusty fraudulent bitch pushed on us by globalist media” made us think, just for a second, that maybe it was the former New York City behind the Twitter wheel on these messages, the one post that had everyone talking was when “Rudy” addressed the elephant (smell) in the room, and broached the topic of a certain orange-hued president, Air Force One, and what might have been a bathroom in need of serious ventilation:

“I will neither confirm nor deny the reports I made a big stinky doo doo on Air Force One. All I know is after Roger Stone used a bathroom it would smell brazy in there.”

As Snopes reports, ever since Elon Musk begrudgingly purchased Twitter for a criminally overinflated $44 billion, the Tesla billionaire has attempted to quickly make his mark on the social media site — largely by trying to get people to pay for services that have always been free. This blatant attempt to nickel-and-dime the millions of Twitter users who have long relied on the platform as their primary (and primarily free) source of social media interaction has caused many to flee… and given others some pretty genius ideas of how to exploit the new rules.

(Via Snopes)