Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Account Appears To Have Been Hacked, Unless He Really Does Consider Himself A ‘Climate Change Activist’ And ‘Zelensky Adviser’

Tucker Carlson has been on a tear lately trying, not very convincingly, to whitewash the Jan 6. riot as a peaceful gathering of “sightseers.” But on Tuesday, it appears the guy hated by some of his own colleagues had become the victim of fake news: As caught by The Daily Beast, the Twitter bio of Fox News rager suddenly bore some claims strange even for him.

“Non-binary climate change activist of color,” Tucker’s bio now read. “Visionary tech founder. CNBC market analyst. Informal Zelensky advisor.”

So was Tucker hacked? Soon before his Tuesday nightly show, @AnonOpsSE, the account belonging to members of the hactivist collective Annonymous, appeared to take credit for gaining access to his account, telling him, “you’ve been hacked.” That doesn’t explicitly lay claim to doing that deed. They could simply have caught the unusual new bio and made sure more people caught it.

Or was it some weird joke on Tucker’s part, furtively mocking all the progressives who’ve been trying to point out to his viewers how much he secretly hates Trump? The bio was still live as of this writing, on Tuesday night, and whoever was controlling it didn’t start tweeting or re-tweeting un-Tucker-y sentiments. In fact, the most recent tweet, posted towards the end of his latest episode, was a clip from him defending far-right troll Douglass Mackey.

There’s also theory number three: Tucker simply hasn’t noticed that his bio now tells people that he suddenly cares about climate change and Ukraine. If that’s true, maybe someone should tell him lest his fans believe he’s been coaxed to the right side of history. If that’s not true, then welcome to the resistance, Tucker Carlson.

(Via The Daily Beast)