Ukraine’s Military Created A Propaganda-Busting App That Tracks The Russian Soldier Death Toll In Real Time

It’s nearly impossible to get the full story on anything in Russia. The Kremlin propaganda machine is enormous, and has been churning out blue-sky lies for so long that many Russian citizens don’t even question that the state-run media they consume on a daily basis would ever think to mislead them. But, as The Daily Beast reports, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine believe that those whose lives are engulfed in the Russia-Ukraine War deserve the truth.

Which is why the Armed Forces decided to create an app that would keep track of the Russian death toll in real time, to give citizens up-to-the-minute data on the real story behind the casualties. The app, which is cheekily named “Russian ship, go f*ck yourself,” was created in partnership with Ukrainian tech company Alty with the goal of helping Ukraine defeat Russian forces.

The app allows the user to load the information into the iPhone’s “Today’s View” section, which is where you can easily access your calendar, the current weather, and now, Russian casualties.

“We were inspired by the daily work of the specialists of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, who diligently formulated information on the damage of enemy personnel and the Russian Federation technology in their infographics,” Alty CEO Leonid Goriev said in a statement. “Therefore, on a volunteer basis, we created a handy app with a set of beautiful widgets to track the occupant’s losses and bring our victory closer.”

(Via The Daily Beast)