5 Reasons To Be Concerned About 'Batman Eternal'

By: 03.20.14

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Catwoman’s New Role

So, as revealed in Batman #28, Catwoman is the new kingpin of crime in Gotham, and she’s awfully mad at Batman for not calling after their rooftop hump sessions. Didn’t we just go through this with Talia al Ghul? In her new business suit Selina even looks like Talia (albeit with a sassy bob). I liked Batman Incorporated, but do we really need to be jumping straight into another “Batman being a jerk towards women gets him in trouble” tale? Particularly with a character that doesn’t really fit the storyline? Catwoman is all about the thrill of the caper — organized crime isn’t her style at all.

Another Apocalypse For Gotham

Batman #28 drops a lot of hints about the state of Gotham in Batman Eternal, and things don’t sound good. The city is now “New Gotham”, the police are gone and something is killing waves of citizens. In other words, it’s yet another apocalypse for Gotham. At what point do the citizens of Gotham just pack it in and move to Metropolis? This is getting ridiculous. There are ways to tell a “big” Batman story without raining misery down on poor Gotham again.

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What Happens To Batman?

And here’s the thing that has me most concerned — what happens to Synder and Capullo’s Batman? Their current run on Batman is probably my favorite Bat-comic ever, and I’d hate to see anything diminish it, but from the sounds of it, most of the big Bat-events of the next year are going to be happening over in Batman Eternal. What’s left for Batman? Also, will co-writing and coordinating a massive 60-issue project going to wear on Snyder and negatively impact his writing on Batman? I have more faith in Snyder than any other comic book writer working today, but the amount of work he’s taken on for the next year would break 60s Stan Lee’s back.

Could Batman Eternal be good? Absolutely. I hope it is, and I think there’s a good chance it will be, but for the first time in a while, I’m cautious about the future of Batman. What about you folks? What are your feelings on Batman’s wallet-busting new series?

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