A Very Unscientific Ranking Of The Future DC Comics Films Based On The Source Material

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DC Comics

The Flash / Green Lantern

So we have The Flash TV show and I am not sure how that is going to fit in with the rest of the DC movie universe. I know Smallville certainly doesn’t fit anymore and I would peg them as being in the same continuity, meaning we’ll get a brand new Flash.

I also can’t see them going back to their existing Green Lantern film to try and create something from it. I think this will spark a new version too. But where do you go from there? Dan already pointed out that the classic comic book team-up is Green Lantern and Green Arrow, but he’s got his own show too.

There are examples of making them a good team, mostly in the pages of JLA and in The Brave And The Bold mini-series from the late 90s. You might see something spark between the two during the Justice League movie, but it’s a powder keg really.

The only reason I have them ranked here is because I think Flash is one of the best characters DC has to offer outside of the big three. He deserves more.


DC Comics


And the final one is an easy one. What do you do with a new Batman movie? Go back to the well. We’ve had a realistic Batman trilogy and we’ve had a silly, campy one. Give me the comic book version we’ve always wanted. Tell the stories that sell the comics and live on in trade paperbacks.

No need to just pick and choose, just start creating. I think the greatness is already there if they are willing to tap it. The Long Halloween, Venom, The Cult, The Killing Joke, any number of stories from The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told. Just go for it.

I will add that the last thing we need is another origin story. You’re giving us a fully formed Batman in Batman v. Superman, so please don’t backwards.

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