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DC’s Rejects Get Their Day In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Scribblenauts Unmasked’ #8

By 08.15.14
Scribblenauts 8 Print Cover banner

DC Comics

As we all know, every few years, the DC Universe reboots; new rules, new characters, new ideas. But what happens to the characters who suddenly aren’t in continuity? That’s what our exclusive preview of Scribblenauts Unmasked #8 is finally answering.

Honestly, it’s actually kind of a gut kick as a kid who grew up reading DC Comics to see an adorably drawn ‘Mazing Man sitting in limbo, totally forgotten. But, but, he had a segment in Batman: The Brave and The Bold! Keep in mind, this whole series is essentially a retelling of Crisis On Infinite Earths, but with adorable game characters, and last issue, our hero watched the whole Justice League get wiped out by the Anti-Monitor.

Of course, our heroes are down… but not out, as this preview shows us:


DC Comics

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DC Comics


DC Comics

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