Thanks For Nothing, Science: The Terrifying BigDog Robot Can Now Hurl Cinder Blocks

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03.01.13 6 Comments

Bro, do you even lift? OH GOD, IT DOES.

Remember the terrifying BigDog robot? Well, Boston Dynamics gave it an additional arm and taught the quadruped robot to pick up cinder blocks and throw them across the room. Oh, goody.

Key to this work, funded by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, is that BigDog uses the dynamic forces of its whole body to help it throw the cinder block. It begins by taking several steps to the side before quickly accelerating as it swings its arm, temporarily launching itself into the air in the process. This approach is similar to the way an athlete winds up before throwing a discus, for example, and greatly enhances the robot’s throwing power. [Gizmag]


The new BigDog might be used to help soldiers lift objects, or at least that’s the excuse Boston Dynamics is giving for this monstrosity. They may also add a second arm so it can lift more. We must stop them.

Here’s a video of this horrifying new version in action.

I just sh-t a brick. Then BigDog threw it across the room.

This version of BigDog is still the best:

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