Aaron Sorkin didn’t know how ‘The Newsroom’ would end when he began writing the final season

09.17.14 3 years ago


Aaron Sorkin didn”t know how “The Newsroom” would end when he began writing the final season
“For most of the time, I didn”t know how the show was going to end,” he says. “I would have small images of what I wanted to see. But the closer I got to the end of the season in terms of writing, the more I was able to see the end of the season finale. Once we got there, it happened more easily than I thought it was going to.”

“Godzilla” movie has a “Breaking Bad” easter egg
For a split second in the opening credits, you can see Walter White”s name. PLUS: Retired 84-year-olds take a “Breaking Bad” tour.

“Glee” bringing back NeNe Leakes for the final season
Coach Roz Washington will return to McKinley High.

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Nat Faxon goes from “Married” to “Marry Me”
He”ll guest as Casey Wilson”s cousin on the NBC comedy.

Web-based shows are filming in L.A. as much as sitcoms
As TV shows flee to other states, web-based projects like Amazon”s “Bosch” – which films in the studio once occupied by “I Love Lucy,” “Ally McBeal” and “Seinfeld” – have soared in Southern California.

Colin Quinn is very familiar with “SNL” newbies Michael Che and Pete Davidson
Says the former Weekend Update anchor: “All the stand-ups are happy when one of us gets on (‘SNL”) because we all know each other. We're always rooting for that.”

Umami Burger creates “The Samberger” in honor of Andy Samberg
Proceeds of the special burger will go to The Center for Early Intervention of Deafness in the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star”s hometown of Berkeley.

“Vampire Diaries”” Season 6 poster reunites Elena with Stefan
What is the significance of their hand-holding?

Jennie Garth has found the “proper” TV home with HGTV”s “The Jennie Garth Project”
After doing CMT”s “Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country” and ABC Family”s “Mystery Girls,” Garth may find success with a renovation show.

“Veronica Mars”: Ranking every notable guest-star
From Paris Hilton to Aaron Paul and Jessica Chastain.

What is it like for Adam Arkin to direct himself?
The actor has recently acted on and directed “The Bridge” and “Masters of Sex.”

It”s been 20 years since Puck was evicted from “The Real World: San Francisco”
David “Puck” Rainey lasted half the season before his housemates decided to ask him to leave.

Another “Buffy” reunion
Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted a picture today of her, Michelle Trachtenberg and Seth Green attending a special screening of “Annie.”

“Big Bang”s” Kunal Nayyar sings Boyz II Men
Watch him serenade a “Queen Latifah Show” audience member with “I”ll Make Love To You.”

Every Michael Kors” “Project Runway” zing, ranked
From “Ugly Aztec cape” to “Disco soccer ball.”

The mystery of “The Mysteries of Laura” is how such an awful show got made
“In this case,” says Tim Goodman, “nobody had the guts to say, 'This is a terrible script. It should be completely rewritten by someone who can write.' Nor did they say, later, 'We just pissed away millions of dollars on this crappy pilot. Can we just agree that we've made a horrible mistake, not pick this up and pretend it never happened?” Instead, everybody must have ignored the blaring warning signs and stayed silent when given the chance to speak up. Who knows? Maybe a pig stood on a buzzer at some audience testing facility and here we are.” PLUS: The show”s plot is generic to the point of absurdity, this could be the fall”s worst new show, it follows the horrid “Can women have it all?” genre of television show that should be outdated in 2014, and here”s a rundown of all the screamingly bad clichés.

“Red Band Society” is “Fault in Our Stars” meets “Glee” – and that”s a good thing
The Fox drama starring Octavia Spencer is a “wonderful little show,” says Kevin Fallon. “We say ‘little' not because it appears shoddily filmed or small in scale, but because there”s something understatedly grand about the fact that the series trades in emotion as special effects in much the same ways that other series trade in CGI, gore, explosives, and sex.” PLUS: “Red Band” tries to have its cake and eat it too, it has a tone that is a carefully calculated balance of humor and sentiment, its crassness outweighs any charm, its one part teen drama and one part edgy medical drama, and its tone wobbles wildly as it overcorrects away from sentimentality and then straight into it.

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