Chris Pine goes vintage in first photo from ‘Wonder Woman’

11.16.15 2 years ago

Buzz has been circulating for months about Chris Pine's possible role playing Steve Trevor in the new “Wonder Woman” film, and this new set photo may have just confirmed the rumors. 

While “Wonder Woman” doesn't hit theaters until 2017, filming has reportedly begun, with the first photos coming from the set via social media. French actor Saïd Taghmaoui (“Lost”) posted two images to his Instagram/Facebook/Twitter this weekend (which he later deleted.) In one photo he can be seen sitting next to Chris Pine on set. The other photo shows his actor's chair next to Pine's and Gal Gadot's. Clearly he's working on the set of “Wonder Woman”, though his character has yet to be announced. 


While the photos don't clarify Pine and Taghmaoui's characters, they do give some clues as to the plot details of the film. Both Taghmaoui and Pine are wearing uniquely tailored period clothes, with Taghmaoui in a wool suit and Pine in a leathery, desert-looking flight suit. While Gadot is wearing modern clothes the trailer for “Batman v. Superman”, it's possible this film could take place over multiple time periods. 


The big questions remains, will the entire film take place in the past, similar to the story Marvel told in “Captain America: The First Avenger”?  If Pine is considered a main character, and he is clearly from the past, the film could be exploring Diana's backstory from the 1940s. 

In the comics, Steve Trevor is an Army Air Corps military intelligence officer whose plane crashes on Diana's home island. If a large part of film takes place on Themyscira, the recently announced Nicole Kidman casting would make perfect sense. Details of her casting are being kept under wraps, but she will be playing an Amazonian warrior which could mean she's playing Diana's mother.

“Wonder Woman” lands in theaters June 23, 2017. 

[Via ComicBookMovie]

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