David Goyer Says ‘It’s Too Early’ For a Cohesive DC Cinematic Universe

and 04.10.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

(CBR) With Marvel even further strengthening the narrative ties between its film and television properties, many fans are clamoring for Warner Bros. to take a similar cohesive approach to its DC Comics characters on the big and small screens. Considering the popularity on The CW”s “Arrow”, and anticipation for the spinoff “The Flash”, diehards are looking for links between those superhero dramas and the upcoming “Man of Steel” sequel, which will introduce not only the new Batman but Wonder Woman.

However, David S. Goyer, who wrote “Man of Steel” and its follow-up and is producing NBC”s “Constantine”, says it may be a little too soon to plot such a tightly interconnected DC Cinematic Universe.

“I mean, it”s too early. I know that Warner Bros. would love to make their universe more cohesive,” he tells IGN. “There have been a lot of general conversations about that, but it”s really, really early. I”m not sure. Marvel has had enormous success, but I”m not sure that everybody should try to emulate them either. It”s just been vague conversations so far.”

Indeed, Warner Bros. has a great many DC Comics-based properties in the pipeline. In addition to the “Man of Steel” sequel set for 2015, a “Sandman” film is currently in development. Television projects include the aforementioned “Arrow”, “The Flash” and “Constantine” along with Fox”s “Gotham” series and the adaptation of Vertigo”s “iZombie” at the CW.

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