‘Duck Dynasty’s’ falling viewership: Is stiffer competition to blame?

01.24.14 4 years ago

“Duck Dynasty’s” falling viewership: Is stiffer competition to blame?

The NY Times points out that “Duck Dynasty’s” record-setting numbers last summer came against weak competition. So it could be the anti-gay comments and the tough Winter schedule that is responsible for the decline in viewership.

Jay Leno & Jimmy Fallon will sit down for a joint interview with Matt Lauer
Monday’s “Today” will feature a unique look at the current and future “Tonight Show” hosts. PLUS: It sounds like Leno wants another talk show gig.

“SVU” boss: “The headlines seem to be ripping from us”

This week’s “Law & Order: SVU” episode just happened to revolve around corrupt New Jersey politicians.

Ben Affleck pulls out from directing Fox’s “The Middle Man”
His “Batman vs. Superman” commitment will keep him from directing the high-profile pilot.

Lance Bass defends “The Bachelor” Juan Pablo’s homophobic remarks
The openly gay former ‘N Sync-er says it isn’t Juan Pablo’s fault he grew up in a culture that frowns upon homosexuality. PLUS: Jimmy Kimmel has Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici take a lie detector test.

“Girls” gives a shout-out to the website that offered $10K for unphotoshopped Lena Dunham Vogue pics
On Sunday’s episode, Hannah praises Jezebel, the website that spent last week antagonizing the “Girls” star. PLUS: Allison Williams & Cynthia Nixon talk “Girls” and “Sex and the City.”

“Community’s” Troy Barnes: An appreciation
Troy was the NBC comedy’s most consistently funny character. PLUS: “Community” cast says goodbye on Twitter, and behind the scenes of Donald Glover’s last episode.

HBO to show a 15-minute “Game of Thrones” special

Airing next month, “Game of Thrones Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing” will look back and forward.

AMC’s “Turn” casts a veteran of “Dawson’s Creek” to play George Washington

Ian Kahn will play a pre-presidency Washington.

A “Law & Order” fan has catalogued every computer in all 456 episodes
Check out Jeffrey Thompson’s project, titled “Computers on Law & Order.”

Watch a new “Hannibal” promo

Featuring many body parts.

“Skins” alum to play queen on “Reign”

Kathryn Prescott, from the UK version of “Skins,” will get to play queen for a day.

Fred Armisen is releasing 7″ singles from his fictional “SNL” bands

Included are music from Crisis of Conformity and Ian Rubbish.

Mitt Romney’s Netflix documentary “Mitt” shows how awful it is to run for president
The 90-minute film is barely a documentary about politics.

“Electric Company” star Luis Avalos dies

Avalos, 67, played Doctor Doolots and several other characters on the PBS hit.

Lifetime’s “Lizzie Borden Took an Ax” isn’t satisfying
The film starring Christina Ricci misses out on the drama of the infamous murderer. PLUS: It delivers a fresh take on the case, and the heavy metal soundtrack is so annoying.

Starz’s “Black Sails” is stuck in landlocked tedium
The Michael Bay pirate drama focuses more on bureaucracy than on pillaging. PLUS: It’s a show where things continuously seem about to happen.

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