War is hell in first ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ poster

02.04.11 7 years ago

Marvel Studios

It’s interesting to see where the folks driving the marketing for “Captain America: The First Avenger” have decided to take their campaign.  Initial images purposely did not find Chris Evans wearing his iconic “A” labeled helmet or cap (take your pick).  The first poster images (or key art as its called in the biz) on Empire Magazine and Entertainment Weekly didn’t either.  Now, the film’s first real official poster has been revealed and, again, no cap for Cap. 

You could argue that this is because Chris Evans is a well known face and both Paramount Pictures, who is distributing “Captain America,” and Marvel Studios are looking to put a recognizable face on a superhero who is not as well known as Spider-Man or the Incredible Hulk.  Of course, Marvel’s other superhero hitting the big screen, “Thor,” also doesn’t have a mask or helmet in his poster, but even in the comic books the God of Thunder’s face is rarely obscured.  The fact is, however, is that other photos that have been revealed have shown that Joe Johnston and the Marvel team may not have figured out how to have a mask for Steve Rogers without making it look awkward.  By dropping it in as much of the marketing as possible, both studios are trying to make Captain America look as cool as possible to moviegoers.  And you can’t blame them.  A character battling Nazi’s in WW II isn’t necessarily an easy sell in the 21st Century.  The film’s first poster, however, hints this film might be a bit closer to a gritty “Saving Private Ryan” than the witty banter and technological exploits of Jon Favreau’s first two “Iron Man” films.  Well, maybe.

The first poster is certainly darker and respects the tragic conflict, but it also allows the studios to diminish the red, white and blue that dominates Captain America’s costume and shield just a bit.  That no doubt helps a bit to sell the franchise overseas.  The poster also features no title treatment and just one word: “Avenge.”  Again, this makes “Captain America” appear a bit darker than many would expect and seems to insinuate there are consequences and suffering in this origin story.  If that’s truly the case, color us intrigued.

Expect the first TV spot during this weekend’s Super Bowl as well as the first complete trailer very soon.

What do you think of the first poster for “Captain America: The First Avenger”?  Share your thoughts below.

Chris Evans as Captain America in the first poster for CAPTAIN AMERICA THE FIRST AVENGER

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