From Coldplay to Lorde, take a trip through 12 years of music with ‘Boyhood’ playlists

07.25.14 3 years ago 8 Comments

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Have you had a chance to see “Boyhood” yet? If so, have you told us what you thought?

This one is really feeling like something special, and I must admit, early on I had doubts about whether IFC would apply the proper mustard for a campaign, but it's increasingly clear this is a special case for them. Masterpieces are left hanging out to dry during Oscar season all the time, but this one really is maintaining a hold. It's hard to ignore something this special, so the indie haven could be in line for its first-ever Best Picture nomination.

But forget all of that for now. The movie itself is a fascinating time capsule. I found myself sort of keeping track of the story's progression by noting song choices throughout. Music obviously plays a central role in all of our lives, and I was charmed by the plot point concerning “The Black Album,” a compilation made by Ethan Hawke's character featuring the work cranked out by each of The Beatles after the band broke up. That detail was inspired by a real life gift Hawke created for his daughter Maya. The actor even wrote up a set of liner notes for it over at Buzzfeed.

As a way to play up music's significance to the film, a number of playlists have been created and set up at Rdio for each of the years “Boyhood” was in production, beginning way back in 2002. And of course, “The Black Album” has been set up for your listening pleasure as well.

If you have the time and want to dig in to this side of the film, you can do so via the various embeds below.

“Boyhood” expands to more theaters this weekend. If it comes close to you, seek it out.








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