Goodbye, Jay Leno: This isn’t the farewell he deserves

02.06.14 4 years ago


Goodbye, Jay Leno: This isn’t the farewell he deserves

This “second ejection,” says Robert Bianco, “seems to have left all involved a bit embarrassed – like family members who are called yet again to the deathbed of a lingering relative and can no longer think of anything to say. Even the timing of Leno’s presumably final departure, shoehorned between the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics, seems designed to cut short any valedictory celebration.” He adds: “Leno has been a good, loyal and very successful soldier for NBC, and he deserved a better farewell than the one he’s been given.” PLUS: 10 reasons why Leno will be missed, and in defense of Leno.

Why we’ll miss complaining about Leno

“Leno not being around anymore to bitch about makes me downright melancholy,” says Steven Hyden.

White House calls today “the end of an era”

“The President wishes him well,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said today. PLUS: Michelle Obama tweets, “Thanks for the memories.”

Leno’s 2nd exit has been carefully orchestrated, unlike the 1st exit

“If Leno”s treading very cautiously, it”s because, once again, he”s being compelled to turn over the franchise to someone far more popular with the media than he,” as Lisa de Moraes explains.

Where will Jay Leno’s 4 million viewers go?

They’ve already rejected David Letterman, so will they turn to Fallon or Kimmel?

A history of Jay Leno hate: Comedians, Hollywood insiders just love hating Leno

Hating Leno has been hugely popular for more than two decades.

Jay Leno’s writers remain loyal

“He’s a really good guy,” says former “Tonight Show” writer Mike Colasuonno. “We always had a good time. He’s always got your back. He always makes you laugh.”

NBC is insulting Jay Leno!
The lack of buildup for his final “Tonight Show,” the way they’re giving Jimmy Fallon “starring” billing — the Peacock is treating Jay unfairly.

Jay Leno is the Nickelback of comedy
“Now that he’s retiring, his legacy will not be twenty years of outstanding ratings,” says Stephen Marche. “It will be the legacy of hate he has built up. He is the definitive icon of show-business betrayal. In the light of posterity, Jay Leno will always be the man who hid in a closet to listen in on executives discussing him.” PLUS: Leno thrived by being America’s dullest man, and goodnight and good riddance!

Where will Leno land?

Will he end up in cable or syndication?

Leno’s 6 greatest moments

From Hugh Grant to the unplugged show.

A brief history of Jay Leno’s joke-stealing

The accusations against Leno are numerous.

Craig Ferguson gives Jay Leno a 1969 Ford Bronco
“It’ll keep you busy if you get bored.”

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