Jimmy Kimmel’s sketch was lame and unfunny — Kanye West was right

09.27.13 4 years ago

Jimmy Kimmel’s sketch was lame and unfunny — Kanye West was right

Why Kanye has a legitimate beef with Kimmel. PLUS: Kanye refused to play Kimmel’s game.

James Pickens Jr. on his “Grey’s Anatomy” fate

“I was clued in beforehand,” he says. PLUS: “Grey’s” is now killing minor characters.

Jon Hamm on “Breaking Bad”: “We’re both kind of these bastard stepchildren that no one wanted”
The “Mad Men” star was thrilled to see Vince Gilligan & Co. win, noting that “both of our shows were cast off from bigger, fancier networks.” PLUS: Talking a lot caused Hamm’s throat injury.

NBC orders a “Constantine” TV series from David S. Goyer

Another DC Comics franchise is coming to TV.

“Parks and Rec” proved it can still be really good in its 6th season
The “London” premiere was something special and unusually good. PLUS: New life was breathed into Leslie Knope, how can “Parks and Rec” characters afford such expensive clothes?, see Aziz Ansari’s Netflix poster, and Nick Offerman offers fashion advice, and you didn’t see Andy at Stonehenge.

“The Price is Right” celebrates 30 years of Plinko
An all-Plinko edition today will mark the anniversary. PLUS: 11 things about “Price” you might not know.

Scott Wolf to play a doctor on NBC
He’ll appear on “The Night Shift” as a trauma surgeon.

Khloe Kardashian Odom celebrates her 4th wedding anniversary by dropping the “Odom”
On Twitter, she is now just “Khloe Kardahian.”

“Breaking Bad’s” Huell gets a “spinoff”

Check out “Huell’s Rules.”

Adam Sandler attended Andy Samberg’s wedding dressed as his “That’s My Boy” character
As Samberg explains to Conan, his movie happened in real life.

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