‘Long Island Medium’ gets picked up for season two

11.01.11 6 years ago


As I said before in my review of the show, it’s hard to resist “Long Island Medium” — whether or not you believe Theresa Caputo’s psychic readings are the real thing. Apparently viewers agree, as TLC has announced it will be giving the show a second season beginning March 2012 with 12 half-hour episodes. Of course, you didn’t need to be psychic to see why TLC might make that decision, as “Medium” brought in an average 1.3 million viewers per episode for its season one premiere episodes. 

Caputo is also a cozy fit for the TLC brand. Yes, she talks to the dead, but she happens to be an “average mom” from Long Island, New York. The show follows her as she runs errands, picks up the family dry-cleaning — and delivers little messages from the dead all along the way (we also see her tackle more formal readings). Just as any working mom has to juggle job demands and family demands, Caputo has to swat away pesky dead people who just want to chat when she’s trying to get her nails done. What mom can’t relate to that?

As the press release from TLC explains, “Her entire existence is chronicled with managing the hopes of complete strangers and the daily trials of regular life, bringing about new challenges for her each and every day. Between the spirit world and our world, there is Theresa”s world, where she is simply trying to strike a happy medium between her family life, work like, and the afterlife.” Happy medium, get it?

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