Rosie saved ‘The View’ once, could she do it again?

06.27.14 3 years ago

Rosie saved “The View” once, could she do it again?
“The View” was at its best when Rosie O”Donnell was there with actual opinions – something the show has lacked recently. As Ramin Setoodeh points out, ABC wanted to move away from the political talk with the exits of Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The result is a “View” that spent more time on mindless celebrity gossip than heftier topics. “If ABC wants 'The View' to survive for another few seasons, Rosie is probably the show”s best bet,” he says. “Most of the women who grew up watching her on “The Rosie O”Donnell Show” are now moms themselves, and will tune in for more Rosie (who is now 52). She”s available to take the job.” PLUS: Sharon Osbourne can”t see Rosie and Whoopi together as “View” regulars.

With “Girl Meets World,” Disney wanted a show that's the anti-YouTube
The trend in children”s programming is short-form video like you can see on YouTube and Vine, or on Nickelodeon”s “Sam & Cat.” By bucking that trend, Disney Channel”s Gary Marsh says, “We want to be more heartfelt, more genuine.” That involved hiring four young female writers who could identify with a young girl”s problems. The creator of both “Girl Meets World” and “Boy Meets World” likes to point out that he”s a 58-year-old man who”s far removed from childhood. PLUS: Rewatching the “Boy Meets World” pilot 21 years later, and how many times was “world” mentioned in the pilot?

How to avoid dying by binge-watching
Incorporate exercise into your viewing, or don”t sit on your butt all day.

“Retired” Barbara Walters will be back on TV again on Sunday
After appearing on “The View” and “20/20” on Friday, Walters will share her wisdom on Sunday”s “Oprah's Master Class” on OWN.

How David Duchovny changed on “Californication”
It took him quite a while to get used to the Hank Moody character, from the verbal to the non-verbal.

Jimmy Fallon”s baby daughter watches “The Tonight Show”
Fallon also jokes that Baby Winnie is watching “Real Housewives.”

Watch an extended look at “Sharknado 2”
This clip features Ian Ziering, Perez Hilton, Mark McGrath and Judah Friedlander in the subway. With sharks.

Chris Rock hosts the BET Awards on Sunday
How does it compare to hosting the Oscars?

Kim & Kanye get “Simpson”-ized by a non-“Simpsons” artist
Artist aleXsandro Palombo, who is not connected to the Fox series, used “The Simpsons” in recreating their favorite poses in cartoon form.

RuPaul to guest on “Mystery Girls”
RuPaul Charles won”t be in drag for the guest spot.

Former NBC/Fox/WB exec Garth Ancier countersues over sex abuse allegations
Ancier is seeking a jury trial for malicious prosecution after being sued by Michael Egan III.

BBC tells the story of World War I via a rap battle
Saturday marks the 100th anniversary of the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which led to the First World War.

How “Salem” incorporates bugs, spider”s webs, human hair into its costumes
“They wanted me to bring an edgy look to the show,” says the WGN America show”s costume designer, Joseph A. Porro, who”s an aficionado of Salem”s witch hunt period.

Was “Buffy” the 1st scripted show to use the word “Google”?
On an Oct. 15, 2002 episode, Willow says, “Have you googled her yet?”

Jackie Cruz was fired from her nightclub job for working too much on “OITNB”
Cruz says she kept getting more play on the Netflix series and she couldn”t keep up with her regular job. PLUS: Should Vee have been the only villain on Season 2?

“Penny Dreadful” ends its 1st season having reanimated the gothic-horror genre
“The show”s a rare example of how to reimagine classic ideas without losing their spirit,” says Nicholas Slayton. “And it”s a reminder of why this genre of horror is so compelling. Everyone needs a good scare.” PLUS: Which questions need answering?

Watch “The Daily Show” mock texting and camera phones a decade ago
Ed Helms really liked making fun of the new technology of 2003.

CNN”s Richard Quest comes out
As a business journalist on CNN, Quest said he came to the conclusion that saying he was gay was good for his business as a business journalist.

Behind the scenes of “Austin City Limits”” start-studded 40th-anniversary show
Everybody from Jeff Bridges to Kris Kristofferson to Sheryl Crow to Dave Grohl and Bonnie Raitt were in attendance for Thursday”s taping, which will air in October.

Check out Nicole Richie”s new VH1 reality show “Candidly Nicole”
In the trailer, she says, “I think ‘90210' changed the world.”

“Nurse Jackie” has found a way to reinvent itself this season
The Showtime series ends its season Sunday by peaking with a downward spiral. PLUS: Zoey has worn 47 pairs of scrubs.

PBS” “Vicious” stars Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as an elderly gay couple
What”s interesting about this British import, says Mike Hale, is “what an amazing simulacrum it is of a half-century of unsubtle, off-color, formulaic, wink-wink British TV. Mr. McKellen and Mr. Jacobi may be enacting gay clichés, but they”re doing it in the larger service of keeping alive a particular style of comedy.”

“Reckless” tries and fails to make legal procedurals sexy
CBS should”ve called this Southern-set drama series starring Cam Gigandet and Anna Wood, premiering Sunday, “Vaguely Charismatic, Attractive People Flirting.” PLUS: “Reckless” is determined to be vacuous.

HBO”s “The Leftovers” is intriguing – if you want to wallow in sorrow and regret
“There”s nothing warm or welcoming about it, nor is there meant to be,” Hank Stuever says of this “strange but good wallow.” “The Leftovers,” he adds, “is one of the coldest TV shows I”ve ever seen. It possesses almost no irony, few verbose monologues, a bare minimum of sharp moves, and a style that is conspicuously drab. Watching it produces a numbness that isn”t anything like grief, but more like the tingly approach of a Novocaine local. The tongue can”t help returning to the hurt spot.” PLUS: “The Leftovers” is great TV – if you don”t slit your wrists, it is frustrating and unsatisfying, it makes for punishingly grim and at times tedious television, this show is gloomy as all hell – and absolutely gorgeous, “The Leftovers” is a sincere and earnest attempt to understand death and human loss, it may be the most meta show on TV, Damon Lindelof talks about his return to TV, and it”s highly unlikely viewers will get the answer.

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