‘The Lazarus Effect’ Trailer: Are you ready for ‘Pet Semetary’-meets-‘Flatliners’?

01.08.15 3 years ago

Just watched the trailer for “The Lazarus Effect” (watch it above), and I'm happy to report that its No. 5 placement on my ranked list of 2015 horror movies so far appears to be justified. At the very least, I predict a serviceable contemporary spin on “Flatliners,” with a side of “Pet Semetary” thrown in for good measure. Do not screw with science, y'all.

Oh, but wait, there's more! Because I'm a sick person who's watched too many horror movies, my mind was positively buzzing with visual references as I watched this. Below are five other movies (plus one book!) the “Lazarus Effect” trailer reminded me of.

“The Others”

The part where brought-back-from-the-dead Olivia Wilde is under the sheet conjured up this creepy “I am your daughter” scene from the 2001 chiller starring Nicole Kidman.

“Event Horizon”

Ollivia Wilde has the blackest eyes…just like Sam Neill's dead wife in this worse-than-you-remember Paul W.S. Anderson sci-fi.

Lazarus Effect Event Horizon


Guess what? “Cujo” is the bomb. Are you listening? Dee Wallace Stone is amazing in this movie. The terror, palpable! She is a mother in crisis, and she is riveting from start to finish. Speaking of “Cujo,” rev up those Pintos (or try, anyway), because “The Lazarus Effect” has a big, scary dog in it too.

Lazarus Effect Cujo

“The Babadook”

Have you seen “The Babadook” yet? It's the best horror film of 2014 by far. This bit reminds me of a key scene involving Essie Davis's hands.

Lazarus Effect Babadook

“The Fury”

“The Fury” is the lesser-known '70s Brian De Palma movie about telekinesis, which has absolutely nothing to do with WWII. It's a lot of Amy Irving running around in a white gown and/or white pajamas doing telekinesis-type things, so this shot of Olivia Wilde exhibiting similar powers caught my attention.

Lazarus Effect The Fury

The Bible

Have you read the Bible lately? It's pretty terrifying. If you freeze-frame the trailer just right, the text “John 11” appears on screen, which is a passage from the Good Book that involves Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. A Biblical reference in a horror movie? Revolutionary.

Lazarus Effect Holy Bible

“The Lazarus Effect” hits theaters on February 27.

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