The Complete Guide to Horror Movies in 2015: What will suck and what will slay?

As I mentioned previously, 2014 wasn't a great year for horror movies – unless, of course, you're talking about “The Babadook,” in which case it was stellar. But that was practically an outlier in a weak year.

So how is 2015 shaping up? Hard to say, but there are a few truly intriguing films on the horizon, from Guillermo del Toro's star-studded passion project “Crimson Peak” to “Trick 'r Treat” director Michael Dougherty's Yuletide horror film “Krampus” to, yes, even the “Poltergeist” remake (more on that later). And then, you know, there are a lot I don't particularly care about. Like “Paranormal Activity 17,” or whatever number they're on now. Don't care! Doooon't caaaare.

“The complete guide to horror”? Okay, not quite. I'm only covering the year's major theatrical releases here, and I've left out the allegedly-terrible “Woman in Black 2” since it's already been released. Helpful hint: when a studio puts a movie out in wide release on January 2, it's not a great sign.

Below, then, my complete ranking (from least to most anticipated) of the 19 horror films currently slated to hit theaters in 2015. Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments, and vote for which films you're looking forward to in the poll further down the page.