Watch: Sacha Baron Cohen already knows the score in ‘Dictator’ Superbowl spot

02.01.12 5 years ago

Paramount Pictures

“Many Have Fallen…” reads the card at the beginning of the new Superbowl spot for Sacha Baron Cohen’s “The Dictator”, before seguing into a brief montage of deceased autocrats Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il. “But One Dictator Remains…”

Ok, you know the drill. Aside from that new opening (in which Cohen’s Admiral General Alladeen claims he’s bought NBC and therefore already knows the score of the big game), the :30 clip is more or less a “greatest-hits” package of the longer trailer that hit screens just last month – which is a good thing, I should add, since I thought the original spot was pretty funny. 

In any case, I enjoyed this new spot enough to give it an “A-” – though after feeling slightly burned by “Bruno” (I know I wasn’t the only one), I’m making a conscious effort to keep my expectations in check this time around.

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 “The Dictator” hits theaters on May 11th.

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