Clinton Laughs Off Suggestions That She Take A Neurocognitive Test: ‘I’m Sorry I Got Pneumonia’

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After Hillary Clinton stumbled and slumped into a van after abruptly leaving the 9/11 Ground Zero commemoration ceremony, the incident was a valid moment of concern for voters. However, the level of concern trolling that followed grew to a ridiculous level. The Alt-Right was giddy at the opportunity to push their existing theories on her health, and even her doctor statements didn’t help the situation. She was still stuck answering tough questions on the matter while Donald Trump and his sketchy doctor and arm-waving exercises somehow remain the pinnacle of “stamina.”

Clinton’s still fielding inquiries, this time from ABC Action News reporter Sarina Fazan in Tampa, who was granted an exclusive interview that swiftly zeroed in on the stumble. When Fazan questioned whether she’d dignify requests for a neurocognitive test, Clinton burst into laughter and delivered a faux-apology:

“I am very sorry I got pneumonia. I am very glad that antibiotics took care of it and that’s behind us now. I have met the standard that everybody running for president has met in terms of releasing information about my health. My opponent has not met that standard.”

Yeah, Clinton has had enough of the subject. The Democratic nominee would rather re-focus on the issues, but Fazan pressed on by asking if she’d take the tests, to which Clinton responded, “There is no need for that.” Clinton reminded everyone that she’s now met all the required standards for health information disclosure, and she’d like to move forward, pretty please. And Clinton said it all with a smile because she knew what would happen if she dared to sound a little bit snippy.

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