Al Davis Left Some Crazy Behind In Oakland

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When the Cincinnati Bengals selected TCU’s Andy Dalton in the second round of this year’s NFL Draft, it was a clear indication that the Carson Palmer era was over for them.


“Suck For Luck” Power Rankings: Week 6

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Now that “Suck For Luck” is a full blown ordeal – there’s even a Twitter account devoted to it – it’s very amusing to see the general NFL fan’s reaction to the idea that teams might tank some games to secure the guy every analyst this side of Mel Kiper’s phallic eagle swoop is calling the next John Elway.


Your NFL Recap: Week 5

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And we all thought 2011 was the year of Philly didn’t we.


A South Florida Classic Shows What We’ve Been Missing

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Have you ever been a part of something so good that once it's over, it sucks.


Obits: Raiders Owner Al Davis Dead At Age 82

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The most controversial owner in all of sports has passed away today.


Al Davis Looks Great

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The Oakland Raiders (as opposed to the Poughkeepsie Raiders) announced the promotion of offensive coordinator Hue Jackson to head coach, and all anyone can talk about is the disgusting head of Raiders owner Al Davis.


Shane Lechler’s Pissed

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Despite amassing a perfect division record and making the Raiders not losers for the first time since they went to the Super Bowl in 2002, Tom Cable was let go yesterday as head coach in Oakland.


When does an owner go too far?

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Inevitably, the beginning of the NBA season this week means my ability to watch football drops significantly.



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If you're to believe anything that former Raiders cornerback DeAngelo Hall says, Al Davis made a bit of a hasty hire in selecting Tom Cable to replace Lane Kiffin as his head coach last year.



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Raiders owner Al Davis ventured into the light of day, ostensibly to introduce interim coach Tom Cable (although really, is any Raiders coach NOT interim.

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