Watch This Beauty Pageant Runner Up Lose Her Cool As The Winner Is Crowned

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A pageant in Brazil went downhill quickly as the runner-up attacked the winner as she was being crowned.

Chanelle Riggan

A Miss California Contestant Had A ‘Bikini Malfunction’ While On The Runway

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Chanelle Riggan showed more than she meant to while walking the runway.

terrified of frogs

The 10 Most Ridiculous Personal Factoids From The Miss America Contest, Ranked

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The insane personal facts were the best part of the Miss America contest, by far.


With Leather’s Watch This: Miss United States Can Kick Your Ass

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Miss United States 2012 Whitney Miller is working toward a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and she's off to a great start.

united arab emirates

A Beauty Pageant In The United Arab Emirates Will Award $15 Million… To A Camel


More than 1,000 people are currently vying for a $15 million prize in a beauty pageant for their camels in the United Arab Emirates.


Anderson Cooper loves Miss USA’s sweet Transformers costume

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This week saw the annual Miss Universe "costume parade," in which women from all over the world walked the runway in costumes meant to celebrate the pride and distinctive values of their home nations, preferably while making their tits look good.

theresa vail

Miss Kansas Theresa Vail Is The First Miss America Contestant With Exposed Tattoos

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Miss Kansas Theresa Vail is both the second service member and the first woman with exposed tattoos to compete for the Miss America title.


Terrible News, Bros: The Miss World Pageant Has Enacted A Bikini Ban

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There are several reasons that I don’t talk about organized religion at all, with the most notable being that the Vatican threatened to have me killed after my 600th request to replace the Virgin Mary in art with pictures of Kate Upton.


Miss Bum Bum Brasil Looks Like The Greatest Pageant Of All-Time

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Controversial Statement of the Day: Brazilian women are awesome.


The Best Of The Miss Germany Contest


Everything is coming up Germany as the newest Miss Germany was crowned, and while this has nothing to do with actual sports, it does involve competition, those crazy krauts in Germany, and a cow pageant.


Eat Your Heart Out, Waylon Smithers

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In news that’s a few weeks old and should have never happened, grown men from across Venezuela gathered in the country’s capital city, Caracas, on December 11 to compete for the title of Miss Barbie Venezuela.


Italy Crowns Newest Miss Chubby

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While a beauty pageant is hardly a sport, it is indeed a competition and every so often a pageant comes along that deserves some extra attention.

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