GammaSquad Explains: Why Amazon Buying Comixology Is Such A Big Deal

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Amazon now owns Comixology... but what does that mean for comics in general?


Reminder: You Can Download Over 700 Marvel #1 Issues For Free Right Now

By | 8 Comments

Assuming you can actually access Marvel's site or Comixology...

Image Comics

Twenty Image #1's Are Now Free On Comixology

By | 3 Comments

Image wants more of your money, and they're willing to give a little to get a little.


Marvel and Comixology Get Exclusive


Comixology is rapidly becoming the only way to read comics on tablets.


The DC Comics App: This Will Save The Company?

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As you may have heard, starting today DC comics are hitting digital stands day-and-date with bricks-and-mortar ones.

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics To Go On The Pad


There's been a lot of discussion about how the iPad will affect both print and web comics.

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