Comics Of Note, Ranked, For June 17


Rocking apes, supervillains defiling couches, and the Predator destroying Riverdale all arrive in this week's comics.


Facebook Can Joke About It All It Wants, But It Is Actually Doomed


A Princeton study has compared Facebook to a virus that will soon die off. The analogy is wrong, but the conclusions probably aren't.


Trailer For ‘DOOMED! The Untold Story Of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four’


In 1994, B-movie legend Roger Corman produced 'The Fantastic Four,' which was never released, but is now finally discussed in the documentary 'DOOMED!'


Some Stores Have Literally Stopped Selling BlackBerry Devices

Fewer and fewer BlackBerries are getting plucked. RIM, on the other hand, might be pretty much plucked over.


Ding Dong, The AT&T-Mobile Deal Is Dead

We've been whaling on the AT&T-Mobile merger for a while, not because we hate capitalism, but because it was so blatantly lazy, and the spin AT&T put on it was so blatantly disingenuous.


DOJ to AT&T-Mobile: No Merger Bid? No Trial!

When we last checked in with the terrible idea of merging AT&T and T-Mobile, AT&T had just withdrawn their merger bid from the FCC over Thanksgiving to make sure their damning, unfriendly, and generally "no effing way this is ever happening dude" report wasn't released.


RIM Eats $500 Million Thanks To a Bad PlayBook

We recently predicted that RIM wouldn't make it to the end of 2012, and frankly, since then, they haven't done much to argue otherwise.

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