Comics Of Note, Ranked, For June 17

This week, we’ve got Mad Max, gorillas rocking out, and supervillains defiling couches. What topped our rankings?

Remember: These rankings reflect accessibility, quality, and, of course, your critic’s informed opinion. A book that’s harder for new readers to get into will thus rank lower than a book just as good that anybody can pick up and read. Now, let’s talk about gorillas who want to rock.

1. Astro City #24

Sticks just wants to play his music, but, well, he’s a gorilla with military experience who can talk. In other words, he’s supervillain bait, and how can you play in a band when the Majordomo might show up? This heartwarming issue, though, is all about finding a way to follow your dreams, and yet another argument for Astro City as one of the best comics in print. Highly recommended.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road: Furiosa

This one-shot doesn’t “explain” Furiosa’s origin. We don’t find out why she was declared Imperator, or why she has a mechanical arm. We just learn that there’s only so much a human being can be party to before they have to fight back, and that’s what makes this book great. Spend the money and get it; it’s superb.

3. Bloodshot Reborn #3

Bloodshot’s quest to keep his nanites from killing continues. One sequence, in particular, is going to stick with you; Bloodshot’s always been a killer, but a dispassionate one. But losing his nanites means regaining his humanity, and death no longer comes quite so easily to him. It’s grim stuff, but it’s well done grim stuff, and a clever way to give a simple anti-hero a lot more depth.

4. Southern Bastards #9

Think you can’t find any more hate for Euless Boss, the crime lord/high school football coach of Craw County, Alabama? Think again. Jason Aaron and Jason LaTour’s brutal, sweaty noir switches focus to the sheriff, and along the way shows us just how toxic Euless really is.

5. Archie vs. Predator #3

Let’s just say you should not give this book to anybody who thinks Archie is sweet and innocent and nothing bad could possibly happen to the cast. Because it does. Like, constantly. And gorily. Alex de Campi, though, actually has a lot of fun with Archie tropes as well; you actually feel bad for Dilton by the end of this one, for example, as he notes Riverdale is hell for anybody not coupled up. In all, it’s a hoot, and not to be missed.

6. Black Canary #1

Dinah is on stage and wowing everybody… including, apparently, things from beyond our world. This kung-fu road movie of a book gets off to a great start, albeit a somewhat conventional one for Canary. Still, Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu make an excellent team, and I’m looking forward to more.

7. Ivar, Timewalker #6

The most elaborate comedy in comics continues with chip-based fascism, time travel, and time-loops. Also, Ivar trying to reconcile his drunken brother with his overly responsible one for just long enough to chew out a hive-mind of Internet trolls.

Look, it makes sense when you read it. And you should read it, because it’s hilarious.

8. Ms. Marvel #16

Kamala Khan’s ex-boyfriend turns out to be an even bigger jackass than we thought, this issue, and worse, the world is ending and she has to deal with that first. It’s just another day in what remains the single most delightful book Marvel puts on the stands. As usual, make a point of reading this one.

9. Doomed #1

Reiser is a smart kid living the dream. He’s interning at STAR Labs, he’s impressed an attractive writer, he’s living in Metropolis… and, uh, he’s gotten himself infected with the Doomsday virus. That part may not work out for him. Scott Lobdell and Javier Fernandez deliver a book that’s slight, but breezy enough that you’ll want to give it a read.

10. Astronauts in Trouble #1

Some hard-bitten TV newsmen track a murder from their city to a secret missile base. Larry Young and Charlie Adlard like the noir cliches and ’40s tough-guy speak a little too much for this book to entirely escape the cheese factor, but it’s a fairly pleasant pulp adventure book and, of course, has gorgeous art from Adlard.

11. The Fiction #1

David Rubin manages to deliver some superb art that elevates Curt Pires’ script substantially. Essentially, four friends, back in high school, disappeared into a book; one of them didn’t come back, and now the book is apparently after them both. Pires is basically retelling Narnia just slightly, here, with a dash of It, and it doesn’t quite transcend the parts. But Rubin gives it all a gorgeous look, and that makes it a compelling read.

12. Secret Six #3

What happens when you take six supervillains with severe emotional problems and put them in the suburbs? A lot of asses get kicked, that’s what. Also, couches are defiled, in case you thought that cover was a joke. The book feels a bit like it could pick up the pace, but it ends on a superb reveal that makes me want to keep reading. And really, that’s the best thing you can say about any comic.

13. Superman/Wonder Woman #18

Superman’s identity has been revealed, and that has consequences. Far more consequences than he thought, as it turns out. Peter Tomasi is really at his best writing stories about how people deal with loss, so he’s in his element here, and the result is a strong issue as much about Superman’s character and how people feel about it as it is about the plot.

14. Martian Manhunter #1

Basically, this is They Live as a superhero comic. And yes, I know how odd that sounds. Honestly, the book’s a little unfocused and slowly paced, but it does at least have the virtue of being interesting and having an unsettling tone. If it can tighten up the ship, we might have a great little horror book on our hands.

15. Thors #1

Ultimate Universe Thor and Beta Ray Bill as hard-bitten detectives? Written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story? And they beat up Ghost Riders? Either you read those rhetorical questions and left a hole in the wall running to buy this book, or you are completely confused. If in the former camp, this is a must read. If in the latter… well, there are a lot of great books this week!

16. Robin: Son of Batman #1

Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray deliver a rather trippy book that’s part Batbook, part Stanley and His Monster, and part Tom Swift. Damian essentially wants to make right on all the terrible things he did… but, well… he’s Damian. The kid doesn’t know “subtle,” and it’s about to bite him. A fun read, although perhaps not for everyone.

17. Empty Zone #1

Jason Shawn Alexander can sure draw a pretty comic book, but unfortunately what he wants to draw drives the plot a bit too much, here. Okay, so we have a punk anti-heroine with a cybernetic arm who can see ghosts and lives in a bleak future Pittsburgh… and the book does almost nothing with that. There’s also an extended sex scene that really just makes this book feel like a rejected Heavy Metal strip, although it does manage to salvage that a bit. In all, a good book for cyberpunk fans but desperately in need of a point.

18. Runaways #1

Don’t get too excited; Marvel isn’t really bringing back their beloved team book. But they are running another high school-set action-comedy book, and with Noelle Stevenson and Sanford Greene at the wheel, it promises to be at the very least entertaining. Worth picking up if you’re an action fan.

19. X-O Manowar #37

This book goes full-on space opera in the Dead Hand finale. It’s a grand old space fight, and amusingly over-the-top. Not precisely a new story, but an old kind of comics story told well.

20. Doctor Fate #1

Paul Levitz and Sonny Liew try a little too hard with this book, but if nothing else, it’s a fun twist on an old character as Khalid, an Egyptian pre-med student, finds himself with the Helm of Fate. Also, the pretentious Doctor Fate being reinvented as a skinny kid in a hoodie is probably not going to stop being funny any time soon. Worth a look if you’re a DC nerd.

21. Prez #1

On the one hand, I’m torn. Seeing DC deliver a book this dense, goofy, and out of the superhero comfort zone without sending it straight to Vertigo is great. But the book itself, about a teenager who winds up as President… eh. The overly broad social satire from Mark Russell wants to mock everything from pompous politicians to ennui-ridden YouTube stars, but it just doesn’t quite click; it feels like Russell doesn’t know about, or have much interest in, what he’s sending up. Ben Caldwell and Mark Morales honestly do a better job of satirizing the world we live in, packing the frame with ridiculousness that actually makes a strange sort of sense, like real-time Like tracking. If it can find its feet, it’ll be one of those unique books we need DC to put out, but that might take longer than it should.

22. Squadron Sinister #1

Especially in the wake of DC doing two clever riffs on its own “Injustice League” concepts in recent months, this book’s got a high bar to clear and it just can’t do it. It’s a solid, engaging story of a group of supervillains and those working to take them down, but it doesn’t have enough of a twist to be much more than a standard book.

23. Ghostbusters Get Real #1

The ’80s cartoon and the comic book cross over in this amusing, if slight, story. Entirely for fans of the Ghostbusters, but worth a chuckle or two if you happen to fall into that group.

24. Sinestro #12

DC just does not know what to do with Cullen Bunn. Clearly they like the guy; he’s working on two of their books, and they both survived the latest reboot. But just like Lobo has turned into the kind of book it’s supposed to satirize, at this point you find yourself wondering why Sinestro deserves his own book. Soranik is the real protagonist here, and frankly the more interesting one, which is kind of an issue when her name’s not on the title of the book. Sinestro just has no real complexity here; he’s a smug douche, and smug douches are only fun to read about when they’re getting hit. It’s not bad, but I can’t really tell you what this brings to the table, unless you’re a huge fan of Green Lantern villains, and that’s a problem.

25. Oh, Killstrike #2

Max Bemis and Logan Faerber continue their story of a smug hipster douchebag and his journey to find his dad with Killstrike, the worst anti-hero of ’90s, along for the ride. And honestly, Bemis knows all the jokes, but he can’t quite actually make them land; when our “hero,” such as he is, dreams about his wife being stuffed in a fridge, it feels facile and pandering, like a school principal trying out leetspeak. “See, nerds, I’m not a rock frontman dabbling in comics! I’m a real fan like you!” But at least I don’t want to see the protagonist beaten up, so that’s an improvement over the first issue.

26. Wonder Woman #41

Wonder Woman talks to her friends and picks up some dry-cleaning before having some idiot pick a fight with her for reasons that are poorly explained. It’s a fairly leadenly paced story and unless you’re a serious Wondy fan, it’s probably not worth throwing on the sub pile.

27. Harley Quinn and Power Girl #1

I’m not the biggest fan of Harley Quinn’s ongoing, and the buddy-cop dynamic with Power Girl doesn’t exactly address the book’s biggest problems. But it does at least keep the plot moving and makes the book’s forced wackiness and ditz jokes serve a purpose other than just being there. So, that’s improvement? I guess?

28. JLA #1

So, DC’s been making a big deal of Superman being de-powered, Batman being Jim Gordon in a power suit, and… well, I guess that’s it, actually, Wondy’s just got some new pants. Is any of that reflected in this new #1? No! And boy, do you ever wish it was!

My biggest complaint about Bryan Hitch taking over is that the plotting is terrible. Most of this book hinges, to be frank, on the JLA not talking to each other and being incredibly stupid. It’s pretty, but vacant.

The Full Retail List, Courtesy of ComicList

I.C.E. Bayou Blackout #2 (Of 3)(not verified by Diamond), $3.99

Cerebus Archive Artist’s Edition Volume 2 TP (not verified by Diamond), $89.00

Femforce #171 (Cover A Mark Heike & Stephanie Heike), $9.95
Femforce #171 (Cover B Eric Theriault/Mark Heike/Stephanie Heike), $9.95

Rock And Roll Biographies #2 (Faith No More/Mr Bungle), $3.50

Beyond The Western Deep Volume 1 GN, $9.99
Princeless Be Yourself #1 (Of 4), $3.99

Metaphase GN, $9.99

Clover Honey 20th Anniversary Edition GN, $14.95
Me Likes You Very Much GN, $14.00

Darkham Vale GN, $24.95

Betty And Veronica #276 (Andrew Pepoy Variant Cover), $3.99
Betty And Veronica #276 (Dan Parent Regular Cover), $3.99
Mega Man #50 (Ben Bates Epic Connecting Poster Part 4 Variant Cover), $4.99
Mega Man #50 (Edwin Huang Variant Cover), $4.99
Mega Man #50 (Idalia Robinson & Roger Robinson Variant Cover), $4.99
Mega Man #50 (Irvin Rodriguez Variant Cover), $4.99
Mega Man #50 (Patrick Spaziante Wraparound Regular Cover), $4.99
Mega Man #50 (Patrick Thomas Parnell Variant Cover), $4.99
Mega Man Worlds Unite Battles #1 (Evan Stanley & Jamal Peppers Regular Cover), $3.99
Mega Man Worlds Unite Battles #1 (Evan Stanley & Jamal Peppers Sketch Variant Cover), $3.99
Mega Man Worlds Unite Battles #1 (Patrick Spaziante United Variant Cover), $3.99

Fathom Blue #1 (Cover A Claudio Avella), $3.99
Fathom Blue #1 (Cover B Paolo Pantalena), $3.99
Fathom Blue #1 (Cover C Marcus To), AR
Fathom Blue #1 (Cover D Michael Turner), AR

You’re Golden Charlie Brown 65 Years Of Peanuts TP, $16.00

Warhammer Imperial Creed SC, $14.00

Mayday #1 (Amancay Nahuelpan 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Space Riders #3 (Of 4), $3.99

Soul Stealer The Collector’s Edition HC, $59.99

Sketch Magazine #45, $6.95

Simpsons Comics #221, $2.99

Illustrators Magazine #10, $24.99

Adventure Time Banana Guard Academy Volume 1 TP, $19.99
Amazing World Of Gumball Volume 1 TP, $14.99
Burning Fields #5 (Of 8)(Cover A Colin Lorimer), $3.99
Clockwork Angels TP, $19.99
Escape From New York #7 (Cover A Mike Henderson), $3.99
Escape From New York #7 (Cover B Robert Sammelin), $3.99
Escape From New York #7 (Cover C Mike Choi), AR
Fiction #1 (Of 4)(Cover A David Rubin), $3.99
Fiction #1 (Of 4)(Cover B Frazer Irving), AR
Fiction #1 (Of 4)(Cover C Tula Lotay), AR
Giant Days #4 (Of 12)(Cover A Lissa Treiman), $3.99
Hexed #11 (Cover A Dan Mora), $3.99
Lumberjanes #15 (Cover A Brooke Allen), $3.99
Lumberjanes #15 (Cover B Ricardo Bessa), AR
Munchkin #6 (Cover A Rian Sygh), $3.99
Oh Killstrike #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Logan Faerber), $3.99
Sons Of Anarchy #22 (Cover A Toni Infante), $3.99
Sons Of Anarchy Volume 3 TP, $14.99

Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #92 (Deluxe Edition), $19.99

Captain Canuck #2 (Blank Sketch Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), AR
Captain Canuck #2 (Cary Nord Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), AR
Captain Canuck #2 (Cover A Kalman Andrasofszky)(not verified by Diamond), $3.99
Captain Canuck #2 (Cover B Marcus To)(not verified by Diamond), $3.99

Comic Shop News #1461, AR
Comic Shop News Summer 2015 Preview, AR

Sketchbook Le Roux Volume 1 SC, $30.00
Sketchbook Yoann Volume 1 SC, $30.00

Metal Locus #2 (Of 4)(not verified by Diamond), $3.99

Ravenous #2 (Of 4)(Patrick Reilly Regular Cover), $3.99
Ravenous #2 (Of 4)(Jose Varese Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), AR

Zombie Tramp #12 (Dan Mendoza Variant Cover), $4.99
Zombie Tramp #12 (TMChu Regular Cover), $3.99
Zombie Tramp #12 (TMChu Risque Variant Cover), $4.99

Archie Vs Predator #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Gisele Lagace), $3.99
Archie Vs Predator #3 (Of 4)(Cover B Kelley Jones), $3.99
Archie Vs Predator #3 (Of 4)(Cover C Paul Pope), AR
Aw Yeah Comics Volume 2 Time For Adventure TP, $12.99
B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #132, $3.50
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #16 (Cover A Steve Morris), $3.50
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #16 (Cover B Rebekah Isaacs), $3.50
Colder Volume 2 The Bad Seed TP, $17.99
Dark Horse Presents #11, $4.99
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Jungle Tales Of Tarzan HC, $19.99
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Jungle Tales Of Tarzan Limited Edition HC, $49.99
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan Omnibus TP, $24.99
EI8HT #5 (Of 5), $3.50
Groo Friends And Foes #6, $3.99
Harrow County #1 (Tyler Crook 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Mind MGMT #34, $3.99
New Lone Wolf And Cub Volume 5 TP, $13.99
Plants Vs Zombies Bully For You #1 (Of 3), $2.99
Return Of The Gremlins HC, $19.99
Shaper #4 (Of 5), $3.99
Strain The Night Eternal #10, $3.99
Usagi Yojimbo #146, $3.50
Usagi Yojimbo Volume 29 Two Hundred Jizo TP, $17.99

Astro City #24, $3.99
Black Canary #1 (Annie Wu Regular Cover), $2.99
Black Canary #1 (Babs Tarr Variant Cover), AR
Black Canary And Zatanna Bloodspell TP, $14.99
Deathstroke Volume 1 Gods Of War TP, $14.99
Doomed #1 (Javier Fernandez Regular Cover), $2.99
Doomed #1 (Ken Lashley Variant Cover), AR
Dr Fate #1 (Ibrahim Moustafa Variant Cover), AR
Dr Fate #1 (Sonny Liew Regular Cover), $2.99
Flash Volume 6 Out Of Time HC, $24.99
Gotham Academy Volume 1 TP, $14.99
Harley Quinn And Power Girl #1 (Of 6)(Amanda Conner Regular Cover), $2.99
Harley Quinn And Power Girl #1 (Of 6)(Stephane Roux Variant Cover), AR
He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Volume 5 The Blood Of Grayskull TP, $14.99
Infinite Crisis The Fight For The Multiverse #12, $3.99
Justice League Of America #1 (Bryan Hitch Aquaman Variant Cover), $5.99
Justice League Of America #1 (Bryan Hitch Batman Variant Cover), $5.99
Justice League Of America #1 (Bryan Hitch Cyborg Variant Cover), $5.99
Justice League Of America #1 (Bryan Hitch Green Lantern Variant Cover), $5.99
Justice League Of America #1 (Bryan Hitch Regular Cover), $5.99
Justice League Of America #1 (Bryan Hitch Superman Variant Cover), $5.99
Justice League Of America #1 (Bryan Hitch The Flash Variant Cover), $5.99
Justice League Of America #1 (Bryan Hitch Variant Cover), AR
Justice League Of America #1 (Bryan Hitch Wonder Woman Variant Cover), $5.99
Justice League Of America #1 (Howard Porter The Joker Variant Cover), $5.99
Kitchen #8 (Of 8), $2.99
MAD Magazine #534, $5.99
Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa #1 (Blank Variant Cover), AR
Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa #1 (Tommy Lee Edwards Regular Cover), $4.99
Martian Manhunter #1 (Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreira Regular Cover), $2.99
Martian Manhunter #1 (Gabriel Hardman Variant Cover), AR
Prez #1 (Of 12)(Ben Caldwell Regular Cover), $2.99
Prez #1 (Of 12)(Bret Blevins Variant Cover), AR
Red Hood And The Outlaws Volume 6 Lost And Found TP, $14.99
Robin Son Of Batman #1 (Patrick Gleason Regular Cover), $3.99
Robin Son Of Batman #1 (Robbi Rodriguez Variant Cover), AR
Secret Six #3 (Dale Eaglesham Regular Cover), $2.99
Secret Six #3 (Dan Jurgens & Danny Miki Joker Variant Cover), AR
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #11, $3.99
Sinestro #12 (Joshua Middleton Joker Variant Cover), AR
Sinestro #12 (Martin Coccolo Regular Cover), $2.99
Superman Wonder Woman #18 (Cliff Chiang Joker Variant Cover), AR
Superman Wonder Woman #18 (Paulo Siqueira Regular Cover), $3.99
Teen Titans Go #10, $2.99
Wonder Woman #41 (Brian Bolland Joker Variant Cover), AR
Wonder Woman #41 (David Finch & Jonathan Glapion Regular Cover), $2.99

Scary Monsters Magazine #98 (not verified by Diamond), $9.95

Solitary #4 (Of 4)(not verified by Diamond), $3.99

Lego Ninjago The Path Of The Ninja HC, $16.99

Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files Down Town #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Carlos E. Gomez), $3.99
Justice Inc The Avenger #1 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover), AR
King Jungle Jim #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Jonathan Lau), $3.99
King Jungle Jim #4 (Of 4)(Jonathan Lau Black & White Variant Cover), AR
King Jungle Jim #4 (Of 4)(Stephen Downey Black & White Variant Cover), AR
King Jungle Jim #4 (Of 4)(Stephen Downey Variant Cover), AR
King Mandrake The Magician #2 (Of 4)(Chip Zdarsky Virgin Variant Cover), AR
King Mandrake The Magician #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Chip Zdarsky), $3.99
King Mandrake The Magician #2 (Of 4)(Wilfredo Torres Black & White Variant Cover), AR
King Mandrake The Magician #2 (Of 4)(Wilfredo Torres Variant Cover), AR
Legenderry Red Sonja #4 (Of 5)(Sergio Fernandez Davila Virgin Variant Cover), AR
Legenderry Vampirella #5 (Of 5)(Sergio Fernandez Davila Virgin Variant Cover), AR
Mercy Thompson Hopcross Jilly HC, $24.99
Mercy Thompson Hopcross Jilly HC (Patricia Briggs Signed Edition), $39.99
Pathfinder Origins #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Sebastian Cichon), $4.99
Pathfinder Origins #5 (Of 6)(Cover B Tom Garcia), $4.99
Pathfinder Origins #5 (Of 6)(Cover C Sean Izaakse), $4.99
Pathfinder Origins #5 (Of 6)(Cover D Jorge Faras), AR
Project Superpowers Blackcross #4 (Of 6)(Colton Worley Variant Cover), AR
Project Superpowers Blackcross #4 (Of 6)(Cover A Tula Lotay), $3.99
Project Superpowers Blackcross #4 (Of 6)(Cover B Declan Shalvey), $3.99
Project Superpowers Blackcross #4 (Of 6)(Cover C Gabriel Hardman), $3.99
Project Superpowers Blackcross #4 (Of 6)(Declan Shalvey Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Project Superpowers Blackcross #4 (Of 6)(Gabriel Hardman Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Project Superpowers Blackcross #4 (Of 6)(Tula Lotay Virgin Variant Cover), AR
Swords Of Sorrow #1 (Of 6)(Emanuela Lupacchino Virgin Variant Cover), AR
Swords Of Sorrow #2 (Of 6)(Emanuela Lupacchino Virgin Variant Cover), AR
Swords Of Sorrow Dejah Thoris Irene Adler #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Jay Anacleto), $3.99

Summit Of The Gods Volume 5 GN, $25.00

Alexander Theroux Collected Poems HC, $39.99
Complete Crumb Comics Volume 16 The Mid-1980s More Years Of Valiant Struggle HC (New Printing), $19.99
Complete Eightball Volumes 1-18 HC Box Set, $119.99
Complete Peanuts Volume 23 1995-1996 HC, $29.99
Grave Business And Other Stories HC (EC Comics Library), $29.99

Anna Banana And The Chocolate Explosion GN, $15.99

Eden Volume 1 GN, $10.95

Secrets Of Cosplay SC, $39.95

Child Of The Storm HC, $34.95
Redhand Deluxe HC, $34.95

Creeple Peeple TP, $17.99
Dungeons And Dragons Abraxis Wren Of Eberron TP, $19.99
Edward Scissorhands #9 (Cover A Abigail Larson), $3.99
Edward Scissorhands #9 (Cover SUB Drew Rausch), $3.99
Ghostbusters Get Real #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Dan Schoening), $3.99
Ghostbusters Get Real #1 (Of 4)(Cover SUB Erica Henderson), $3.99
Infinite Loop #3 (Of 6)(Cover A Elsa Charretier), $3.99
Infinite Loop #3 (Of 6)(Cover SUB Charlie Adlard), $3.99
Joe Frankenstein #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Graham Nolan), $3.99
Joe Frankenstein #4 (Of 4)(Cover SUB Graham Nolan), $3.99
Library Of American Comics Essentials Volume 7 Tarzan The Original Dailies HC, $29.99
Little Nemo Return To Slumberland TP, $9.99
My Little Pony Fiendship Is Magic TP, $19.99
October Faction #8 (Cover A Damien Worm), $3.99
October Faction #8 (Cover SUB Damien Worm), $3.99
Star Trek #46 (Cover A Joe Corroney), $3.99
Star Trek #46 (Cover SUB Photo), $3.99
Star Trek New Visions Volume 2 TP, $19.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Casey And April #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Irene Koh), $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Casey And April #1 (Of 4)(Cover SUB Faith Erin Hicks), $3.99
Transformers #42 (Cover A Andrew Griffith), $3.99
Transformers #42 (Cover RI Naoto Tsushima), AR
Transformers #42 (Cover SUB Casey W. Coller), $3.99

Alex + Ada #15, $3.99
Astronauts In Trouble #1, $2.99
Drifter Volume 1 Out Of The Night TP, $9.99
Empty Zone #1, $3.50
Ghosted Volume 4 Ghost Town TP, $12.99
God Hates Astronauts #9 (Cover A Ryan Browne), $3.50
God Hates Astronauts #9 (Cover B Ryan Stegman), $3.50
Lazarus #17, $3.50
Low #7 (Cover A Greg Tocchini), $3.50
Low #7 (Cover B Rafael Albuquerque), $3.50
Manifest Destiny #15, $2.99
Revival #30, $3.99
RunLoveKill #3, $2.99
Secret Identities #5, $3.50
Southern Bastards #9 (Cover A Jason Latour), $3.50
Southern Bastards #9 (Cover B Tony Moore), $3.50
Stray Bullets Sunshine And Roses #5, $3.50
Surface #3, $3.50
Tales Of Honor Bred To Kill #1 (Cover A Linda Sejic), $3.99
Tales Of Honor Bred To Kill #1 (Cover B Rahsan Ekedal), $3.99
Tales Of Honor Bred To Kill #1 (Cover C Linda Sejic), AR
Tech Jacket #10, $2.99
Trees #10, $2.99
Valhalla Mad #2, $3.50

Disney Inside Out Cinestory SC, $14.99

Knights Of The Dinner Table #221, $5.99

xxxHOLIC Omnibus Volume 6 TP, $14.99

Locus #653 (June 2015), $7.50

Poet Anderson Dream Walker #2 (Of 3), $3.99

Amazing X-Men Volume 3 Once And Future Juggernaut TP, $24.99
Annihilation Conquest Omnibus HC, $125.00
Armor Wars #2 (Paul Rivoche Regular Cover), $3.99
Armor Wars #2 (Victor Ibanez Variant Cover), AR
Avengers Time Runs Out Volume 4 Premiere HC, $24.99
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #4 (Of 5)(Brian Crosby Connecting Variant Cover D), AR
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #4 (Of 5)(Marcio Takara Regular Cover), $3.99
Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #9, $3.99
Captain America And The Mighty Avengers Volume 1 Open For Business TP, $24.99
Captain America Epic Collection Volume 16 Streets Of Poison TP, $34.99
Darth Vader #1 (Director’s Cut), $5.99
Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 (Of 4)(Bobby Rubio Variant Cover), AR
Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 (Of 4)(Chris Bachalo Gwenpool Variant Cover), AR
Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 (Of 4)(Tony Harris Regular Cover), $3.99
Deathlok #9, $3.99
Fantastic Four Volume 4 The End Is Fourever TP, $15.99
George Romero’s Empire Of The Dead Act Three #3 (Of 5), $3.99
Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #1 (Of 4)(Fabian Nicieza Red Signature Edition)(Dynamic Forces), AR
Inhumans Attilan Rising #2 (James Stokoe Gwendusa Variant Cover), AR
Magneto #19 (David Yardin Regular Cover), $3.99
Magneto #19 (Declan Shalvey Gwengneto Variant Cover), AR
Moon Knight #16, $3.99
Ms Marvel #16, $2.99
Old Man Logan #2 (Andrea Sorrentino Regular Cover), $3.99
Old Man Logan #2 (Chris Samnee Gwenverine Variant Cover), AR
Old Man Logan #2 (Nick Bradshaw Variant Cover), AR
Runaways #1 (Phil Noto Variant Cover), AR
Runaways #1 (Sanford Greene Regular Cover), $3.99
Spider-Woman Volume 1 Spider-Verse TP, $15.99
Squadron Sinister #1 (Annie Wu Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Variant Cover), AR
Squadron Sinister #1 (Blank Variant Cover), AR
Squadron Sinister #1 (Carlos Pacheco Design Variant Cover), AR
Squadron Sinister #1 (Carlos Pacheco Regular Cover), $3.99
Squadron Sinister #1 (Greg Smallwood Squadron Gwenister Variant Cover), AR
Squadron Sinister #1 (Jim Cheung Variant Cover), AR
Squadron Sinister #1 (Skottie Young Variant Cover), AR
Star Wars #1 (Dave Dorman M&M Comics Variant Cover)(Dynamic Forces), AR
Star Wars #1 (Director’s Cut), $5.99
Thors #1 (Blank Variant Cover), AR
Thors #1 (Chris Sprouse Regular Cover), $3.99
Thors #1 (Dale Keown Variant Cover), R
Thors #1 (Delicious Design League Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Variant Cover), AR
Thors #1 (John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant Cover), AR
Thors #1 (Kris Anka Gwen Of Thunder Variant Cover), AR
Thors #1 (Paul Renaud Ant-Sized Variant Cover), AR
X-Men The Hunt For Professor X TP, $39.99

Ant-Man Zombie Repellent A Mighty Marvel Chapter Book SC, $5.99

Dungeon Monstres Volume 5 My Son The Killer GN, $14.99
Treasury 20th Century Murder Volume 4 The Lives Of Sacco And Vanzetti GN, $9.99

Kaijumax #3 (Zander Cannon Regular Cover), $3.99
Kaijumax #3 (Ryan Browne Variant Cover), $3.99
Letter 44 #17, $3.99
Rick And Morty #3 (C J Cannon Regular Cover), $3.99
Rick And Morty #3 (Julieta Colas Variant Cover), $3.99
Stumptown Volume 3 #6, $3.99

Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #2, $7.99
Doctor Who Magazine #487, $9.99
Doctor Who The Good Soldier TP, $19.99

San Hannibal TP, $14.99

Roy Thomas Presents Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein 1952-1954 HC, $47.99

2000 AD Pack May 2015 (1929-1932), $21.40
Aquila #3, $3.99
Judge Dredd Megazine #360, $12.40

Loxleys And Confederation HC, $19.99

Scream Magazine #30, $8.99

Freezing Omnibus Volume 1 GN, $19.99
Haganai I Don’t Have Many Friends Volume 11 GN, $12.99
Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary Volume 2 GN, $12.99
Servamp Volume 2 GN, $12.99

Miles Taylor And The Golden Cape Attack Of The Alien Horde HC, $16.99

Nox GN (not verified by Diamond), $15.99

Brain Camp GN, $9.99

Star Wars Insider #158 (Newsstand Edition), $7.99
Star Wars Insider #158 (Previews Exclusive Edition), $7.99

Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor #13 (Blair Shedd Regular Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor #13 (Subscription Photo Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor #2 (Of 5)(Alice X. Zhang Regular Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor #2 (Of 5)(Blair Shedd Variant Cover), AR
Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor #2 (Of 5)(Subscription Photo Cover), $3.99
Minions #1 (Of 4), $3.99
Monster High Magazine #14, $4.99
Third Testament Volume 4 The Day Of The Raven HC, $18.99

Patriot-1 Volume 1 GN, $24.99

Alter Ego #133, $8.95
Back Issue #81, $9.95

Manga Classics Emma HC, $24.99

SpongeBob Comics Annual Giant Swimtacular #3, $4.99

Bloodshot Reborn #3 (Cover A Mico Suayan), $3.99
Bloodshot Reborn #3 (Cover B Lewis LaRosa), $3.99
Bloodshot Reborn #3 (Cover C Das Pastoras), AR
Bloodshot Reborn #3 (Cover D Ryan Lee), AR
Divinity #1 (Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic 5th Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Ivar Timewalker #6 (Cover A Raul Allen), $3.99
Ivar Timewalker #6 (Cover B Rafa Sandoval), $3.99
Ivar Timewalker #6 (Cover C Robert Gill), AR
X-O Manowar #37 (Cover A Stephen Segovia), $3.99
X-O Manowar #37 (Cover B Rafa Sandoval), $3.99
X-O Manowar #37 (Cover C Das Pastoras), AR
X-O Manowar #37 (Cover D Francis Portela), AR

Dogs Bullets And Carnage Volume 10 GN, $12.99
Fragments Of Horror GN, $17.99
Gene Mapper SC, $14.99
Master Keaton Volume 3 GN, $19.99
One Piece 3-In-1 Volume 12 TP, $14.99
Tokyo Ghoul Volume 1 GN, $12.99

Grimm Fairy Tales #111 (Cover A Sean Chen), $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales #111 (Cover B Pasquale Qualano), $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales #111 (Cover C Marat Mychaels), $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Red Riding Hood 10th Anniversary Special #2 (Cover A David Finch), $5.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Red Riding Hood 10th Anniversary Special #2 (Cover B Giuseppe Cafaro), $5.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Red Riding Hood 10th Anniversary Special #2 (Cover C Meguro), $5.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Red Riding Hood 10th Anniversary Special #2 (Cover D Mike Krome), $5.99