Dumb Rules

Curt Hawkins Has A Revolutionary Idea To Fix WWE’s Problems: ‘Focus On The Important Sh*t’


Here's a new idea: former WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins says WWE should stop trying to reinvent the wheel and focus on "important sh*t."

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Jeff Fisher wasn’t always against taunting in the NFL


The NFL is having its owners meet down in Florida this week- it's like the Bilderberg summits except instead of collapsing world governments its just a elaborate annual trick to convince the Jaguars to draft a QB 3 rounds too early.

strong takes

PFT Commenter’s lightning round takes featuring the ban of the goalpost dunk


  Well fokls alot more than usual happened in the NFL over the weekend (Mondays technically a weekend because you play NFL on it).

tim schavitz

NFL to Define “Strike Zones” Rules for Hits Amid Recent Injuries


In order to avoid controversy over player safety, Roger Goodell held a press conference immediately after Monday Night Football to enact NFL rule changes to be effective in Week 7 of the season.

sarah sprague

What If The CBS Grammy Awards Rules Were Applied To The NFL?


Earlier this week, CBS sent out a memo to performers attending this year's Grammy awards outlining what would be considered inappropriate dress for Sunday's show.

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