Curt Hawkins Has A Revolutionary Idea To Fix WWE’s Problems: ‘Focus On The Important Sh*t’

(Warning: NSFW language)

“You can’t own everything.”

This clip of former WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins discussing WWE’s problems and their obsession with reinventing the wheel is your Pro Wrestling Real Talk of the day. He talks about how crazy it is to see something catch on in pop culture and decide to make your own version of it instead of being a part of society, from “WWE Universe” (their version of Facebook) to “Tout” (their version of Twitter and Instagram). “No one on the f*cking planet Touted.”

There’s also the issue of banned terms, like not being able to say “wrestler” or “belt,” and how hard it is to try to be a regular person and follow asinine rules while “important sh*t” gets ignored. It must be like working … uh, anywhere else?

Anyway, here’s a reminder of Hawkins’ most important moment.

(Via YouTube)