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The Secret To Tougher Body Armor? Single Layers Of Pencil Lead, AKA Graphene.


Pencil lead, aka graphene, turns out to have some wonderful properties, and protecting people getting shot at might be one of them.


Graphene Just Made Water Desalination A Hundred Times Easier


You may have noticed we're fans of graphene around here, and now we have another reason to love graphene: it may revolutionize water desalination.


Battery Redesign Charges in 15 Minutes, Lasts a Week

Cell phone batteries are, at best, problematic: just ask anybody who bought an iPhone 4S and discovered it sucked power like a Decepticon on a bender.

the best just got better

Crumpled Graphene Better Than Normal Graphene?

As you may have noticed, we've got a bit of a nerd crush on a very special carbon allotrope, graphene.


Graphene Creates Electricity In Sunlight?

Graphene is pretty simple stuff: it's an allotrope of carbon that's a sheet, one atom thick, of carbon atoms in a honeycomb lattice.

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Graphene Can Make Things Waterproof Or Waterabsorbent

The latest nano-material to get nanotech researchers all hot and bothered is Graphene: a one-atom-thick honeycomb of carbon atoms that looks like it can do everything from making much more powerful batteries to replacing silicon as the semiconductor material of choice.


How Can We Make Computers Out of Carbon and Water?

Ahhhh, computers, reliable both for doing exactly what you tell them to, even if that's not what you want at all, and being made out of silicon.


Nobel Prize Winner Also Won An Ig Nobel Prize

Two Russian born scientists at the University of Manchester in England, Andre Geim (pictured) and Konstantin Novoselov, just won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for their experiments with graphene (more on that awesome material later).

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